Friday, January 2, 2009

Whine and Moan

I knew I'd react to my "wonderful just the way I am" statement with "but" or something like that. I didn't think it would make me sick. I've been queasy all day and can't keep anything down, and all I've attempted is ginger ale, a Diet Coke, and some antacids which usually help. Even the sips of water! I've dozed in my chair, napped in bed, and feel awful. This was unexpected and now welcomed. Hope it goes away soon. The is unusual for me, and I don't like it.


David Dust said...

Darling Auntie Flame:

You poor thing! Feel better.

Actually, let's try a new approach: You are absolutely NOT perfect just the way you are...

Feeling better yet??? :)


frogponder said...

Just purging 2008?

:-( Hope you feel MUCH better soon!

Joy said...

LOL Maybe the lying doesn't work, DD! My body knows!

That might be it, FP!


Berry Blog said...

Also, check with your doctor about acid reflux. I take a prevacid every day for years now. One day without it and I'm instantly in trouble. You are getting to the age where I started.
( for you other folks, I've been doing this for decades)
You know what I think set it off is in email.
Love ya-Charlie

Joy said...

This doesn't feel like that. I'm taking something for it anyway, but thanks! This feels more like some stomach virus. So far, so good about the three crackers and little colorful popsicle.

Bob said...

This is no way to start the New year, Joy!
Knock it off!

I really should work on my blog-side manner....sigh......but really, feel better!

Beth said...

oh Auntie Flame!!! Ginger ale isn't working? that was my mom's "go to" medicine for EVERYTHING!!! either that or Robitussin! ;)

Did that little imp of a grandson give you a bug?? nawwww, he's too cute to do anything like that.

I hope you feel better Auntie!!!

Joy said...

I feel better today. Thanks, everyone! You're right, Bob, this is no way to start the new year. Your blog-side manner is just fine!!

I know, Beth! Ginger ale not working!