Thursday, January 29, 2009

Continuing Tale of Woe

I'm not ignoring anyone, but the cable problems persist. Several of us are going through this, so we're sure it's Comcast. Our email sends during the day and we can get online; however, after 4:00 it starts to change. Mail sits in the outbox sometimes for hours and sometimes for several minutes. I can get on the blogs but can't open the comments and make comments. I cannot post on my own blog. Navigating the internet is sloooooooow. There are Scrabble games on Facebook I'm holding up.

One of my friends finally got through to Comcast, and a technician went to her house this morning. She won't know if they helped or not until this evening. I couldn't get through to anyone but kept wandering through the maze of recordings. So this morning I called the woman at the Nashville office who gave me the number to her direct line when I got that attention before from Mike at the home office in Philadelphia when he read about my problems on my blog. He gave me his email address and phone number, too. I sent him an email. The Nashville Comcast woman is looking into it and thanked me for calling her.

Wish us luck! It's not my computer. It's not something inside my house with cable. It's out there somewhere with Comcast. Mike will probably see this from his google alert. If so, hello and thank you!


David Dust said...

Godspeed Auntie Flame ... Godspeed.


Berry Blog said...

so glad you were at least able to find out that nothing inside your house is the source of the problem. On to the next step, which by the time I'm writing should be partially answered.
bon chance

Joy said...

Yea!! It's working again! Who knows what was wrong!