Monday, January 26, 2009

Just in Case

They've predicted an ice storm tonight, so if I'm not online tomorrow, the electricity is off. I hope this doesn't happen because it was horrible when we had that big ice storm about 15 years ago. No electricity and phones for over a week! The sounds of the trees breaking was awful, and the transformers looked like fireworks or a war when they blew. I hope this is a weather prediction that is wrong. Snow is OK but not ice!

If there's no ice, I won't be online until afternoon since I have appointments and obligations.


Sylvia K said...

Take care, stay warm! It's just cold here, although we had some sleet and snow over the weekend which made getting out at all a hassle. Hope the ice storm doesn't happen!

Joy said...

Thank you! Me, too! Glad your weather has settled down some.

frogponder said...

Get cozy and stay warm!


When I, and my brother, were evil teenagers we had an ice storm. And we had this maniacal dachshund who used to rush the front door and rip up all the mail when it came thru the slot. She wanted, badly, to get the mailman. So, on the day of the ice storm, we rang the front doorbell and she came racing down the hall, barking her head off, ready to do battle. We opened the front door and she went bump, bump down the front steps, slid all the way down the walk, came to the sidewalk, took a right hand turn and continued to slide down the sidewalk past the next house and the next house and the next house - and we were laughing so hard and our mother was yelling at us to go rescue the dog.

That's why I get a goofy grin on my face when I hear ice storm.

David Dust said...

Send smoke signals.


David Dust said...

Frogponder - That is HYSTERICAL!


Berry Blog said...

Yup...we continue with the relentless sub zero..warms up enough to drop 7" of snow Wednesday and back to cold. I remember our AOL chatting days and your telling me chink by chink about that storm. awfu. then we got one here in Maine and I REALLY knew what you were talking about.

FP- great little anecdote. the pictures are all in my head now.

As the Master says, I'll be waiting for the smoke signals.
love ya-Charlie

#Debi said...

FP: Poor little weenie dog! :)

Joy: I hope you stay warm and lit (with the electricity, that is...)

Jimbo said...

I HATE ice. I will deal with cold and snow but I absolutely HATE ice. Dan can attest to this. He's seen me fall on my ass one night when we had ice yet thought it would be fun to go out. Not so fun when you're in the bar covered in wet road sludge with scratches on your hands and knees and a bruise on your ass.

Here's hoping you don't get ice as predicted. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Joy said...

That is hilarious, FP! I can just picture it and really am laughing out loud.

Debi, you're supposed to get loads of snow in KY tonight and Wednesday. That's better than ice. Hope we can keep in touch about it.

Jim, me too! Hate it.

Charlie, yes, it took an ice storm of your own to know the horror of it all.

Smoke signals if that's what we call cell phone calls! Right, DD!

Jeff said...

Hope you made it through without the ice! It's minus 30 C heer this morning! Brrrr!

Bob said...

The only ice storm I've ever been through is me stomping about the house looking for a cube or two to chill my martini!

Sheesh, Joy, between the computer ills and the ice, you are having quite the time.

Stay safe and warm and dry.


PS That poor doggie, FP. Sounds exactly like something I would

Rhea said...

Yep, we are getting a storm tomorrow, 6 inches of snow predicted in Boston.