Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We had a dusting of snow, which did cause school closings, which I know is laughable to many of you. It's one of those "better safe than sorry" situations, but in all fairness we do have country roads that are icy and slick, which cause problems and sometimes danger for school buses. We don't get enough snow for it to be cost-effective to have all that expensive snow removal equipment. It makes more sense to close schools. We used to get some heavy snowfalls but haven't for several years. We had snow days built into the calendar and plans for how to make up the days when necessary. They had much more snow and ice north of us than we did. Trees were bent and broken and roads slippery.

My computer is still being weird. Maybe it's trying to tell me that I stay on it too long and too much. That might be it because I know I do. It's a laptop and gets too hot. I prop it up, so it can get air and hope that will help, but it still feels too hot. Perhaps I should get one of those stands with a fan in it that cools them. I still think it has something to do with the connection but who knows?


frogponder said...

Daughter uses a chill mat with a fan.
Mine sits on a special pad built for that kind of thing. I am always throwing a picture book at the boys when they are home to put their computers on when they are sitting in recliners - you are frying my future grandchildren!!
Gorilla Boy will tell you that laptops are going to burn out - just the nature of the beast. He told me to put mine on standby whenever I leave it, even for a short time.
Okay that about exhausts my computerly knowledge.

Berry Blog said...

I was told that the average life of a laptop is 4 years.
However, I use mine to keep my legs warm this winter. The carbon heater off the end of my recliner keeps my feet warm...I suppose I will have to pay more than an electricity bill for the first comfortable winter I ever had in my life.
My good friend Rick had a business meetin with his wife and announced that if I am ever, ever short again in my life, they are prepared to back me with electric, oil...whatever because I took care of him for so many years.
Hence, my heart is warm too.
Love, charlie