Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Buena Vista (not)

I bought a new printer today because that superficial bitch, Vista, refuses to acknowledge the printer I've had for several years because I suppose it's just not up-to-date and attractive enough now. At first they were compatible and played fairly well together. Then the attraction waned. I uninstalled, reinstalled, downloaded drivers, deleted temp files, and then uninstalled again. So the "old" printer has become the Guy Ritchie to Vista's Madonna. Technology can be stressful!


frogponder said...

The printer(s) and I are at constant war. Gorilla Boy has it set up so my request gets from my room to the room the printer is set up in. That way I can walk by a half hour later and see that it is out of paper or ink or something hurt its feelings - with minutes left until I have to leave for work.

Joy said...

I know! What's with that anyway? Do we have a printer curse on us?