Friday, January 30, 2009

The Child

I've been getting ready for a visit from my grandson Brendan, who will be here from mid-day tomorrow until around that time Sunday. It will be eventful.

I went to House Blend and saw Hope and Tina there working on school things since they were out again today. It's supposed to be in the high 50's this weekend but then get cold again next week and maybe snow a little Monday. We had lunch and a good visit. I talked with Madena, a kindergarten teacher in White Bluff who has sixteen students in her kindergarten class (or "K" as Brendan calls it when someone asks what grade he's in). Of those 16, two of them have Asperger's, one is a drug baby and acts like he's on cocaine she said, and three of them have discipline records already. Her Aspie students, like Brendan, talk all the time and want interaction and attention. She has them all day with no educational assistants or special ed help. Think about her and send her good thoughts! Bless her!!


Berry Blog said...

Oh Lord, she's gonna wind up in the looney bin.

Beth said...

Madena has her hands full, that's for sure. My daughter has some kids that are on the spectrum and need to be tested, but she can't suggest has to come from the parent.

Teachers deserve SO MUCH more respect than what they get...and more $$$$$$!!!!!

Have fun with your little guy!

Kwana said...

I hope it's a good visit. I agree teachers deserve so much more than they get. I could never do it.