Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DWTS 14 Finale Results

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd are the winners!  This was such a good season of good dancers and an extremely close finale.

Judges:  Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, BrunoTonioli

 Finalists with hosts Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke Charvet
Winners!  Donald and Peta

2nd Place: Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas 3rd Place: William Levy and Cheryl Burke

Monday, May 21, 2012


Conformity Demotivator

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DWTS Semifinals Results

It was Maria and Derek. As Tom Bergeron said, "No matter who goes home now, it sucks."  She handled it like a pro and made a gracious speech.  For a while I kept wondering why Harry Shearer was in the audience and why they kept panning to him whenever Maria was on.  It's her father and they look so much alike!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DWTS 14 - Final Four

Last night's competition was so close and the dancers so good that it's going to be up to the voters.  They are all exceptional.  Here's a video recap with one especially for David.  :-)  William and Cheryl are first.  David, you would love watching the entire performance of William's samba!  We all did.  Then Katherine & Mark, Donald & Peta, and Maria & Derek. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DWTS Results

David, your William is still safely on there.  Melissa and Roshon are not.  Double elimination and not surprising results. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

DWTS 14 - Week 8

Tonight is a trio round. Not sure what that means since it's the first time they'd done this. I do know they had to learn two dances. Oh, I just saw. It's three people dancing. Karina said she's never seen three people dancing a jive before.  Katherine said she was looking forward to letting go and enjoying a dance.
Donald and Peta started out with a great tango!  Intense, aggressive, and powerful!  Len could hardly wait to tell them how much he liked it.  A 9 from each judge!  Tom and I both thought Len might give him a 10 he was so excited but guess that was a 9 of excitement.  Score:  27

Maria and Derek had the first perfect score last week.  Rehearsal was tense for them.  Maria said they were like a roller coaster.  Derek pushes and doesn't seem to have as much patience as I've seen him before.  She had to talk him off the ledge even.  Their Viennese waltz was beautiful and emotional.  The judges argued (yes, really argued) about the form of the dance.  Carrie Ann and Bruno loved it.  Len did, too, but wanted more "hold" since he told Derek in hold that Maria is the best.  Apparently there's some difference in American style and European in the waltz when it comes to hold and apart.  I've heard this before.  Damn, Carrie Ann and Bruno gave them 10's and Len an 8.  Score:  28

Melissa and Maksim had another Maks the Divo moment when he got frustrated.  He said she was making him look like a terrorist.  Melissa said to the camera that she couldn't make him look bad but he can.  Then she said they are both passionate about doing well and that there is much more to Maks than the Bad Boy image.  Probably true, but it's there for sure.  Their foxtrot had some missteps, and Melissa has gone about as far as she can, I believe.  In fact, Maks shrugged at her when they finished their dance like, "Oh well.  Fuck."  Carrie Ann said it was her best dance.  Len said it was, too, but there were a couple of mistakes.  Maybe I missed some things since Bruno also said it was her best.  Booke asked Maks if sometimes he thought he went too far.  He said, "Of course.  About a minute and a half ago."  Then he apologized and said he just wants Melissa to do well and that Derek said it best when he said we always hurt the ones we love.  Such drama!  Such song lyrics!    Score:  24

Katherine and Mark had trouble with part of the routine, but I've never seen Mark get upset with his partner.  They'd show it for sure if that happened during rehearsal, and I can't recall his doing it.  Their Viennese waltz was pretty and elegant.  Katherine didn't seem as graceful as usual to me, and the judges thought so, too.  Wow!  The judges are arguing again!  The audience boos.  The judges get huffy.  What a night!  They really liked this waltz.  Score: 26

Roshon and Chelsie had his grandmothers come to rehearsal for a bit and were in the audience.  His grandmother Conchita had a critique about his footwork.  He said he was dancing for them.  Their foxtrot was fun and age appropriate.  Good job!  Loved it!  The judges liked it.  Score:  29 - Wow!! 

William and Cheryl also had rehearsal problems.  At this stage in the competition, everyone feels the pressure and is stressed and tired.  William said the problem he has with ballroom dance is all the rules because he doesn't like rules but likes more freedom.  He wants to do well, though, so he does it.  He brought Cheryl flowers for her birthday and thanked her for being so patient with him.  Their foxtrot was great to watch.  Cheryl can teach for sure and can definitely choreograph for her partner.  The judges all liked it, even Len!  Score:  30!  Wow!!!! 

Second Round has the couple adding an eliminated dancer or one from the troupe to join their dance. 

Donald and Peta added Karina for the jive.  Donald said it's either the semi-finals or Jimmy Kimmel and he's not ready to see Jimmy.  Definitely a lively jive!  The judges praised Donald's ability to keep up and not miss a step.  Score:  28 = 55

Maria and Derek picked Henry from the troupe for their samba.  Derek wanted to do something that's never been done before on DWTS - Bollywood.  This was so neat!  I loved it!  What a performance!  Carrie Ann and Bruno loved it, and Len said he would give it a 10 if he were judging a Bollywood but he's judging a samba and didn't see it in there.  How low will he go with his score?  Yikes!  7  Score:  25 = 53

Maks and Melissa chose Val to join their samba.  She said there is nothing hotter than dancing with the two Chmerkovskiy brothers.  Val and Maks dance just alike, which makes sense.  This was a hot samba!  Melissa did really well and was praised by the judges.  Score:  27 = 51

Katherine and Mark added Tristan for their cha-cha.  At first I thought it was going to be the Blues Brothers because of the costumes (suits, hats, dark glasses), but it was more like the FBI.  Then she ripped out of her suit and had on a dance outfit.  Part of the pants got stuck on her foot, but Katherine never missed a step and kicked it off.  This was such a good performance as well as dance.  The judges loved it.  Score: 29 = 55

Roshon and Chelsie danced a paso doble with Sasha from the troupe.  Chelsie wanted another guy in the dance to help Roshon with his routine, and he did.  Roshon did a good job.  Score:  27 = 56

William and Cheryl brought Tony Dovolani in for their paso doble.  William told Tony if he messed up for Tony to mess up, too.  That's the strategy he said.  This was a hot paso!  Hot!!  Wonderful!  The judges agreed.   Score:  27 = 57

This is getting more and more difficult.  Celebrities this season have been the strongest entire group I've seen.  It's not the way it has been before when I didn't like some of them and couldn't wait for them to leave.  Two will be eliminated tomorrow night, so it will be doubly sad. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DWTS Results

And it's Urkel! Yes, Jaleel White and Kym Johnson got eliminated in the dance duel after being in the bottom two with Roshon and Chelsie.