Sunday, January 25, 2009

Maybe I'm Back

Well, I found the CD for MS Office and had it repair and reinstall what was needed for Outlook Express, which I use for my email. Maybe I need to use something else, but it's always worked OK. I don't mind trying something else that is better, though.

Then I checked on the Comcast Help Menu for help with the internet connection. I was planning to call them if it didn't work again today. I had a window of its working yesterday, but then I couldn't send email or comment on blogs. Nothing showed up when the comment box opened, which took forever. I've been concerned that it might be a virus because of how slowly it did everything. Right now it's great, but it was during daylight yesterday. It has sundowners syndrome. If it does it again tonight, I'll call Comcast. I hope it's not a virus, but it sounds a bit like the one a friend had.

Thanks, Ell and Kathy (FP) for the emails! Thank you, Charlie, for letting people know and being such a friend for all these decades. If you don't hear from me for a while, it's the computer or connection or something! I felt so cut off from everything! How did I manage without email, blogs, a cell phone, Facebook (I missed playing Scrabble with family and friends), and being online!

More later with a real post if I can!


frogponder said...

Good to *see* you!

Berry Blog said...

Yeah, I remember learning Morse code just to be with you over the miles.

Love- that's -.-- --- -... ..
-.-- --- -.--