Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Farewell Tour to Rewrite History

How about that last news conference W had yesterday? Bob's post gives his responses to the Washington Post article about it. What a testy, defensive, erroneous, infuriating attempt to justify his presidency! They are guilty of war crimes and much more.

Speaking of horror stories, the Coultergeist was on The View this morning. Her segment was brief, but not short enough since not-at-all would have been better. Thank you to Keith Olbermann for the name for her.


Bob said...

I sat through the Coultergeist on The View.
It hurt my ears, my eyes, my senses.
She speaks her viciousness only to sell books, and never lets anyone who disagrees with her speak, so why have her on at all?

I really must not view her ever again.
Hate is hate, whether it's a thug on the corner, a redneck in a pickup truck, or a size 2 blond with a size 2 brain on The View.

frogponder said...

That was pretty amazing, wasn't it?

Sheena said...

I really try not to listen to her; she makes me want to scream very loudly! Was she supposed to come back on after the break? I wasn't sure whether she left willingly or not.

Dan said...

She is a horrid woman. I really think the only reason she says what she does is beause she is a publicity whore.

Joy said...

Yes, she is, Dan, AND that word I never use except for her - the c-word. Remember our discussion about that word we had on your blog? That would be the Coultergeist (the other c-word).

Joy said...

I think you "mis-over-estimated" her size, Bob - especially the brain. That was a good line, btw! Excellent!

Sheena: That was probably as long as they planned to allow her on there. Yes, ratings and $$.

Beth said...



now if we could get these asshats from Focus on the Family off of Dr. Phil, I'd be ahappy camper today!!!

Berry Blog said...

I saw her and had to shut her off before the first "break".She makes Elizabeth look informed.

Berry Blog said...

I saw her and had to shut her off before the first "break".She makes Elizabeth look informed.

Joy said...

Good enough to say twice!! Right you are!