Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My son gave me a book for Christmas I already own, so I exchanged it last night for Nigella Bites, which looks pretty and interesting. I like cookbooks with good photos and descriptions. I have quite a collection for someone who doesn't like to cook all that much - unlike Doggybloggy who prepares everything from scratch, grows what he can in NYC, and has wonderful variety. All that is better for him and his family since he knows everything that goes into their food and how it is cooked.

I used to cook better meals and branched out more when Brian was home, and I was taking care of him. Now I do what is expedient and would like for it to be there when I'm ready to eat. My mother has always cooked meals and taken good care of herself, and look at her now at 88! I know - lesson to be learned here! I started doing better with all this, and the results showed it. So maybe Nigella will inspire me, and I'll dig out my other recipe books and keep reading Chez What? to see what the Dogg is cooking up. I like to check out food sites and get ideas, so perhaps I can report more than the cabbage, pork chops, sweet potato, and maybe some cornbread I'll cook today.


frogponder said...

My soy allergy has gotten worse over the years so I keep adding stuff I have to cook from scratch. If you *need* another book, I like 'In Defense of Food' by Michael Pollan.
Daughter discovered this fellow in her Anthropology of Food class. She was taking it when Eldest had his last collapsed lung episode at university so we talked about her class all the time she could come to visit.

frogponder said...
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doggybloggy said...

hullo - someone woke a sleeping dogg - I look forward to see what you come up with - I do wish you were nearby because you would be eating what I make.

Joy said...

I would LOVE that! (with a few exceptions we've discussed)

David Dust said...

I own all kinds of cookbooks - and never cook anything.


Berry Blog said...

It is so hard to get motivated to cook well for oneself. I just wanted to get away from packaged food- my Stouffer's kitchen. My blood tests came back today and I was overjoyed that everything is well below normal so my feeble attempts may be working ( we won't mention the meds).
Do like I do...use it for the blogs, at least in a way you are sharing it with someone!
I also love the cooking shows and look up their recipes all the time. we have a local show that made me give up Two and a Half Men because their recipes are so good and so easy. ( believe me, I need easy and I don't need anything that has to sit overnight.)
I don't know my herbs and spices but using kosher salt ( or sea salt) and grinding pepper is superior and easy. New tastes for me. Different cooking oils instead of butter have actually improved my taste buds. and one glass of wine improves anything....yeah yeah.
And how is that kitchen shaping up? That will bring you back. It did me.
Love you love you-

Bob said...

I love cookbooks.
I love to cook because I get so bored with the same old things.
My new favorite is Daisy Martinez who just started her own cooking show on the's produced by Rachel Ray, whom I loathe, but hopefully she'll stay away.
Daisy cooks a lot of Cuban and Puerto Rican inspired cuisine.

Good stuff!!

Joy said...

I think you're right, Charlie. I took what is probably too long to call a nap this afternoon but made some progress on the kitchen.

Maybe I'll start watching the Food Network some, Bob. That sounds good.

I know how to order but just don't enjoy cooking. I think I need a gay roommate who likes to cook and has some similar interests I do and some different ones that will be handy and interesting. We could be the Golden Girls.

Joy said...

I'll check into that book, FP. Thanks.

Sylvia K said...

I use to cook so much -- I had a big family with four kids and I really loved it, but I cook very little these days. Sometimes I miss it, but not enough to go buy all the stuff I'd need to start cooking again. I have discovered I've pretty much lost interest in food anyway, whatever fills the empty spot at the moment.

Joy said...

Same here, Sylvia.

Mark in DE said...

Spouse & I used to love to watch Nigella Lawson's TV show. He said he liked her because she didn't take herself too seriously, and because she was a very sensuous person. Enjoy her cookbook!