Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It seems as if it's been raining for weeks. If it were colder, we'd have as much snow as some of you have. It's making me crazy. I like a rainy day now and then when I can stay inside and watch movies or read. This is going on too long. We even have flash flood warnings.


Berry Blog said...

But you're way up on that little knoll if I recall from a pict once. Must be +1 ft above sea level...safe enough from raging floods.
snow at least is colorful and good conversation...great barber shop bragging, etc. Rain is just freakin dismal.
xoxoxox charlie

frogponder said...

Today we soared to 52 degrees after a low of 28 yesterday. That means wind and we get WIND here. Today is one of our WIND with all capitals days.

Joy said...

The sun is out today!!!