Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And Now There Are Two

First Maks and now Craig! It's an epidemic! Craig Ferguson announced on his show Monday night that he'd gotten married a few days after Christmas in Vermont. That's where his young wife Megan Wallace-Cunningham is from. She's an art dealer and owns a gallery in NYC. This is his third attempt at marriage, and I hope this one works, or he'll be more like Johnny Carson that he might want to be.

I love his show and record it so I'll never miss it. He is so funny, intelligent, and talented! I remember him when he was on the Drew Carey Show, which I watched periodically. I'd already seen Saving Grace where he played the gardener who helped Brenda Blethyn's character grow pot, so she could sell it and make money after her husband died and left her in debt. He wrote the screenplay for it, and she was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in it. Then I watched some of his movies: The Big Tease, I'll Be There (both of which he wrote and starred in), and there was one where he took ballroom dancing lessons, but I can't remember the title.

Oh, and did you see him on Password other night? He rocked!

There's something sexy about some men in a kilt - especially Craig!

His book was great! Did you read it? The title is Between the Bridge and the River. It covered topics from inside Hollywood to Jungian psychology to some biographical events to fantasy. I bought it and think I'll read it again.

So, is it a great day for America and for TV's Craig Ferguson, everybody? We hope so!


Berry Blog said...

Too much to keep track of, these people.

#Debi said...

This makes me a bit sad, as I was sure that Craig wanted to marry ME... :) Hope he makes it this time, though...

Bob said...

I would have married Craig.
That accent makes me crazy.

Don't tell Carlos.. Sssssh.

Joy said...

I know!! I just love him! (and his accent)

Your secret is safe, Bob! :-)