Sunday, January 25, 2009

Personality Types

The Myers-Briggs Personality Type gives descriptions of personalities that are fairly accurate. It's something I enjoy knowing about and have had discussions with people about it. My cousin Emily gives workshops on them as part of her job, so she really knows about it. Ell from The Pomegranate Tiger wrote about her results and has now found a site that gives hilarious meanings to the types. It's called The REAL Personality Types Made Relevant.

All the others are funny. I hate mine. I hate it enough I might have to take the test again! Of all the things to associate me with! Oh, the horror!

ENFP: The Scientologist

The ENFP is a creative thinker who sees all humanity as connected to a cosmic whole, and gives of himself tirelessly to improve the condition of his fellow man.

Whether he's creating bizarre religions aimed at bringing us all back to our origins as immortal space aliens made of pure thought or conducting seminars and classes on alien abduction, the ENFP is always seeking the answers to the great mysteries of life, such as "Who are we?" and "How can I use two tin cans and a Radio Shack multimeter to bring enlightenment to the world?" and "What is it with UFOs and anal probing, anyway?"

RECREATION: The ENFP is gregarious, outgoing, and slightly silly; they often spend their leisure time engaged in role-playing games, having pillow fights that lead to wild, lustful lesbian orgies, or being abducted by space aliens.

COMPATIBILITY: ENFPs are happiest in relationships with Tom Cruise.

Famous ENFPs include anyone who has ever dated Tom Cruise.


ell said...

Joy, I think this is hilarious! You'd get lots of perqs with Tom as long as you can put up with the control-freakiness, and the couch-jumping, and the maniacal laugh and smile. And have you noticed how he looks like he's getting younger?