Saturday, January 10, 2009

Amazing News!

O. J. was finally convicted of a crime!
The Democrats won both houses of the legislature!
Obama is our next President!
I've decluttered and organized almost 3/7 of my house!!

AND NOW ... get ready!

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I've lost 3 lbs! But even better than that - ta, da! (drum roll) ... all my numbers were the best they've ever been since I started seeing my internist four or five years ago. So good, in fact, that he took me off my diabetes medication Januvia because my A1c number has been below 6 for over a year. Now I'll be regulating it completely with diet and exercise, which means, of course, that I will HAVE to exercise. It's back to the gym for me and outside to walk when the weather is good. I still have some of the pills, which I'll continue to take for a few weeks until they are gone. This gives me a certain time period in which to lose weight or else.

Get this, my A1c was 5, which is normal for a non-diabetic person. I've never had high cholesterol, but that was 151. My triglycerides have been high but were 113 and down a lot from three months ago! Glucose 100 and insulin 20.5, both way down from last time. Dr. Ross said he didn't know what I'd been doing but to keep on with it. I also don't know what I've been doing but have been trying to figure it out. I know exactly what I did before to elevate all the numbers.

I have been eating small meals more frequently the way "they" tell us to but had eaten many wonderfully decadent candies I ordered from my drug dealer River Street Sweets. They are made with real butter, cream, pecans, and all kinds of natural ingredients and not a bunch of unpronouncible chemicals. The pralines (original and chocolate) are rich and very sweet. The bear claws (which are really turtles with big pecan pieces, caramel, and chocolate) are heavenly. They also have chocolate-covered, glazed, and spiced pecans. I know! I've enjoyed most of their treats. So I think I've been careful about what I ate in order for those not to affect my blood sugar. Apparently it worked, but I will not order any more of them until I've lost enough weight. Then I might not want them. (yeah, right! but I guess it's possible since that's happened before)

Eating smaller portions and more balanced meals is probably the main reason for this progress. Having more frequent meals keeps my blood sugar regulated and prevents cravings. I can probably keep eating the way I have been with obvious modifications. That leaves exercise (sigh). So I guess I'd better get out my camera and take a picture of where I'm walking (well, it will be the gym, so I will have to do something like Jimbo plans and take a picture of some place along the way or some scenery in there - heh). Anyway, I thought I'd have a bad report even though when I've checked with the meter, my readings have been good. I'm excited and proud and motivated to do better and better.

David, you didn't have the Friday weigh-in day yesterday. I understand since I haven't posted anything about my progress. I'm going to buy some new scales and calibrate them with the ones at my doctor's office and will also weigh on Fridays. Damn, this is hard, isn't it? We can do it. I have to.

I'm feeling really good again and enjoyed the sun while it lasted. It's been raining again today. OK, I will go back to the gym. When? Soon. I will. Paige will make me do it. Tina and I are on the Drinking Buddy System, as Brian calls it, and enable each other. Not Paige ... or Jackie, but she isn't here right now. So I will go back.


Perky Skeptic said...

WOOOOOOOOO!!!! Go, you!!! That is awesome news! I'm so proud. :)

frogponder said...

high fives! all around!

Joy said...

Thank you! I'm astounded!

Bob said...

Congrats CliffieJoy, that is excellent news.

followed quickly by

David Dust said...

Auntie Flame -

That is EXCELLENT news! Congratulations.

Yeah, I didn't do a Friday weigh-in because I'm about 5 lbs heavier than I was a month ago (the last time I weighed in). I need to get off my butt...


Berry Blog said...

Lots of useful information for us too in there. Maybe the most valuable is getting away from the old three squares we've been trained in but even etray that with snacks and mayabe one big meal a day. and doing those smaller meals. I need to get back to the small meals. Just seems like we're preparing food all day long though. tedious, but your results are very encouraging and motivating.
Love ya, charlie

Ricardipus said...

Goodness me, 2009 is starting well. Good to hear.

And let's not underestimate the impact of de-cluttering such a high percentage of your house. Impressive.

Happy '09!

ell said...

Great news, Joy. Congratulations and keep it up. :-D

Joy said...

Bob: CliffieJoy - good one! Thanks for the WooHoo!

David: I know so well! Notice how I quit posting anything about walking? Confession is not easy. We'll do it. (sigh)

Charlie: For years I haven't wanted to take the time to plan and prepare meals and saw where that got me. I didn't really do much better but brought home enough leftovers from Mother's during Thanksgiving and then apparently did better preparing my own meals that it made this difference. Mother said she guessed she needed to cook for me. I wish!! LOL I don't enjoy spending that time chopping, dicing, and cooking but try to get inspired by Doggybloggy's blog and pouring through some of my cookbooks I collect and just read. At any rate, I have to plan and prepare ahead of time or else. I wish I had a chef.

Ricardipus: The de-cluttering definitely helps. I go in those rooms and feel less stress and as if I've lost weight. It makes a huge difference. Thanks!

Ell: Thanks to you, too! You were an inspiration during those boot camp times and always!

My work is definitely cut out for me. The house really is a metaphor for our lives!

Sheena said...

Congrats to you for the bright mindset and great numbers! Just pray that mine are as good as yours this week! I have a feeling that my weight is going to be over the rainbow not under. lol

Jackie said...

Yaay Joy! That's funny what Brian said about you and Tina. He's his mother's son.

Good work.


Sylvia K said...

Hey, congratulations! You've got the new year off to a great start! Congrats! But a little sweet sinning is not a bad thing, now and then!

Joy said...

Sheena: Good luck! Maybe you'll also be pleasantly surprised, too.

Jackie: Yes, he is. Thanks!

Sylvia: I'm glad about the sinful sweets but won't abuse it. Thanks!

Dan said...

That A Girl!


Beth said...

Aunti Flame....YOU ROCK!!!! keep it up Flame!!!!

Jimbo said...

So awesome. Keep up the good work. Your numbers are fantastic. I wish my moms would finally regulate. She's been told she has to gain wait so she's eating about 1600 calories a day and that has her sugar up and that makes her nervous but the MD says not to worry about that right now.

Keep up the great work, keep posting your progress!


Joy said...

Thanks, Dan and Beth!!

I know it's just as hard for some people to gain weight as it is for others of us to lose. I hope your mother gets regulated and feels good, Jim.

Chris said...

Joy - it's good to heard good news about your health. I wish you much good health, wellness, and positivity for the new year and beyond.

Tivo Mom said...

I am so impressed. I have been meaning to comment but this work thing has got my schedule all off track. Great, great news and lets keep it up!!!