Thursday, January 22, 2009


Who posted that piece about calling wives and husbands of people "domestic partners" and "roommates" and saying because of their beliefs, they don't recognize marriage? I wanted to save it and send it to someone. I think I saw it on Bob's blog but after scrolling through a couple of pages, didn't find it. Anyone?


Bob said...

Hey joy, I did have it on my blog and even I can't find it. So I looked to where I got it from:, and scroll back to january fifth.
Or copy and paste:

Joy said...

Thank you, Bob! I got there. :-)

Mark in DE said...

Here you go:
Its been reposted on several blogs, including my own.

Joy said...

I thought it was on yours, too, and looked there and also didn't find it. Thanks so much, Mark!