Sunday, January 4, 2009


School starts tomorrow after a two-week Winter Break. I liked that about the modified year-round block schedule during the last years I taught. We'd have nine-week quarters with two weeks off in between (three breaks - fall, winter, spring). Without those two weeks, I don't think I could have made it!

If I weren't semi-retired, this wouldn't matter except that my friends would be working again while I'm off. But no! I still have my homebound student and the teacher I'm mentoring, which means I will be at school for a while in the morning and with my homebound student tomorrow afternoon. I'm glad to have something to do for the extra money, and I get to see people I wouldn't otherwise. My goal is to save some money so I can travel and get some new appliances, so I do it.

I will definitely block out time to work on my house some more. AND gym time - or else!

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frogponder said...

My school friends and I will be checking the district website at 5am to see if we have a delay. One or two hour delay will mean a no school day for me as we don't delay tutored students, my student comes in from 8-10am. The kids that are scheduled for 10am and after are out of luck.

Berry Blog said...

"and Gym" Debbie came over for the afternoon yesterday and shortened some jeans for me, bless her heart.Now I have jeans and not "school pants" which I hate now. She is looking into that dance style you mentioned a while back. One of our teachers looks like a million bucks and did it with that new dance.What was it? You said it was pretty strenuous on the knees.
Yes I'm up waving to the schoolbuses this morning. "bye bye...bye bye...I can do
my Christmas shopping now."
xoxoxo Charlie

Joy said...

I wondered about how that worked, FP. Do they let out for snow much there? It's not cost-effective for us to have snow removal machines and all that here since we don't get enough snow for it, so we get out at the drop of a flake sometimes. I don't have this straight about how you do this tutoring. Could you post about it or leave a comment, please? I had the impression you worked for a place like Sylvan Learning Center where people pay to have their children tutored after school or Saturdays and during the summer, but this is apparently during the school day and paid by the school system. How are students placed there?

Charlie, that's Zumba. It's the rage! I'm proud of you for saying jeans instead of denims! Progress!

Berry Blog said...

Yah, I love reading FP but though I am pretty sure she works directly for a public school system, I am not clear either how their system works and how she gets students.
Wasn't there a kiddy camp song...? Zumba Zumba zumba dee...zumba zumba di...Zum...." along that line?

That same thing happened to us in Jersey...not enough snow to support the equipment so they closed on flake sight. It's a wonder they didn't close when they saw me.