Thursday, January 29, 2009

Almost 4:00 and Already Starting!

I tried to get all my computer stuff done before it messes up. I've had phone calls from several Comcast people, who are checking into this, so I hope everything is back to normal soon!

Feel free to make all the comments you want. I just can't respond until tomorrow during the day unless things change drastically! I miss you!

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frogponder said...

We will be watching Top Chef around here again as Daughter was gone yesterday and we recorded it for her.

TomC. said really nice things about Seattle on his Bravo blog so I sent that to Eldest.

beeee good.

ell said...

Oh, how very annoying! I hope the Comcast folks figure it out and fix things for you.

Sylvia K said...

I've been having computer problems myself, but mine was mainly with my computer itself, nevertheless, whatever it's frustrating as hell. Hope yours gets cleared up quickly.

Joy said...

Thanks to all of you! What a relief to be able to comment at night!

Perky Skeptic said...

Yay, glad you're back!

Joy said...

Thank you very much! :-)