Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yikes and Woe! It's a Pity Party!

I'm feeling sort of failure-like lately.

Work: My homebound student is way behind, and I need to go over there more often and help her catch up. We got off to a late start and keep lagging farther behind all the time. I need to go to CWHS to spend more time mentoring.

Home: My house is still a disaster. I got rid of some clutter but brought more stuff into the house. It's a candidate for Clean Sweep just as its been for years. There are some things I can't find, too.

Health: Doing better here with meals and keeping my blood sugar down but haven't walked the last two days. I have plans to walk tomorrow. I get tired of eating four or five meals a day (small meals or snacks) and hate sticking my finger. I wish I could just eat two meals a day, but this works and that didn't.

Family: I'm the worst here because I don't go see my mother and daughter often enough but do talk to them on the phone several times a week. I don't see my son and his family often enough either and need to learn more about autism, so I can help them more.

See what I mean? I need to do better in all aspects of my life.

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frogponder said...

Oh. I had a bad day with my students too.
High schooler was read the riot act by his Dad so I got a sullen and p-ed student. What did I do???

Then the middle school came in with tummy problems. We took his temperature - nope, so we got to keep him. I read him 22 pages of our novel before he perked up and started to work.

Tonight I worked thru a chapter of physics for the high schooler and if he doesn't appreciate it tomorrow I'm going to feed him the book...

Feel better :-)

ell said...

Sometimes we all need a pity party for ourselves.

Tomorrow's another day, says Miz Scarlet (or words to that effect).

Berry Blog said... time get up on the side of the bed not facing the wall. Every investment of time you make in these poorer souls lives improves their quality of life. Who knows, they may not even get the company of a positive soul such as you the rest of their day.Just your energy makes a difference. My day always shines a lot brighter just hearing from you no matter what you have to share.
hugs and kissses-

David Dust said...

To My Darling Auntie Flame -

You are WAY more fabulous than you'll ever know. Your suggestion inspired my new weekly "Friday Weigh-In" post. Go see!!

For tomorrow, just try to do A LITTLE better at those things you need to work on. Before you know it you'll be doing great and feeling wonderful.

Love You! HATE that you're feeling bad!!


frogponder said...

So........ is today a better day?
Inquiring minds want to know.