Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Return to Walking

I skipped yesterday and walked around the lake again today. Maybe tomorrow I'll do two miles but didn't happen today. Here's how it looks going toward the end of the mile.

And here's the one-mile mark on past that bridge going up the hill.


frogponder said...

Still gorgeous place to walk.

ell said...

Sometimes it's a good idea to change the routine or alternate days with different activities. Just keep at it (and I know you will).

Nice pictures. Keep 'em coming.

Berry Blog said...

Stunning park. Just beautiful. Soon I will post where I was today at a Maine "camp" in the woods in the middle of nowhere with my buddy Rick.
Hey like the treadmill that inclined plane counts for more.

Joy said...

True! It does count.

I will alternate this walking with something else - probably at the gym.