Monday, October 20, 2008

IEP Meeting

We had another meeting today at Brendan's school to add some new goals. The autism specialist we all love is wonderful, and we have her on a pedestal. This is all a whole new world to me, and I learn something from every meeting. She gave suggestions to the teacher and to us because we all want to reinforce what the other does. They are really working with his social skills, and she said that could be the difference between his becoming Bill Gates or unemployed. We all want him to be the best Brendan he can be.

Brian, Melissa, and I had lunch together after the meeting at Sky Blue Coffee & Bistro about a block from the school. I've eaten there twice now and enjoyed both meals very much. Then Melissa and I stayed and visited after Brian had to go back to work. Then I stuck around until Brendan got out of school and went with them to the city park right across the street from the school. We walked around the indoor track but had walked outside in this beautiful weather earlier. Brendan said I could leave when the laps were off. He has gotten to know people there, speaks and calls them by name, and has conversations with them. I love that boy!

We were glad to see each other and sang a few songs. He asked if he were going home with me. When I said not today, he asked, "Tomorrow?" I said later, and he said next time. We agreed on that. While we were walking around the track, he held my hand and told Melissa to walk by herself. She told him not to be rude to his mother. I told him I was glad that he was happy to see me and that I was delighted to see him, too, and that we could all walk together. He didn't buy that. Aspies are transparent because they don't lie. If they say something, you can usually believe them. Usually, I say, because a friend of Brian's and Melissa's asked him something one time, and after Brendan answered, he asked Brendan if he were lying. Brendan said, "Yes." Gotta love him!

They'd been using markers in class because he had various colors all over his shirt. I asked what he did in school today to which he answered, "I made two bad choices." He didn't want to elaborate, so I asked him what good choices he made. After some thought he said he helped his kindergarten teacher. He is such a sweetie! Grandchildren are wonderful!

That community center is awesome! Check this out.


David Dust said...

Sounds like a nice day.

Love You!!! Love your Grandson!!!


Dan said...

There is nothing like a grandmothers love. Being the big girl I am I cried when I read this. I miss my grandma soo much at times.

Love you bunches.


Joy said...

I know what you mean. I was close to my grandparents and had a special bond with my maternal grandmother. I have four grandchildren - two girls and two boys - and it's wonderful!

frogponder said...

So glad you have a specialist on board.

Most interesting IEP mtg I ever attended was the one with the lawyer... specialists are better.

My youngest is dyslexic so I know the long road ahead.

Beth said...

awww...I miss my granmda too! She was the best....strict, but the best. And you sound like a FABULOUS grandma!!! I hope I can be that good.

What a great day spent with a great boy.

Berry Blog said...

Love the lying story. Yes their honesty is compelling and so in your face it sometimes leaves you wondering what step is next!
But with Br. it also seems his tact is disarming as well when he chooses not to tell. (I made two bad choices") I thought your response was ingenius
I often think we came to earth to learn with our hearts( feelings), not with our brains( thoughts). A balance seems to work well.

Jimbo said...

Your grandson sounds like such a sweet little boy. It is such an effort dealing with special needs children. It appears that Brendan has such a great family behind him as well as excellent schooling that will only help him shine as he gets older.

What a wonderful day spent with your family.

Joy said...

Thanks everyone! I have good cyber nephews and niece!

We keep finding more and more we have in common, FP. :-)