Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Dumb Row

Sometimes in the school of life, I'm definitely sitting in the dumb row. Yes, that "not learning from our mistakes" group. I've felt horrible the last couple of days because I've been dumb. I've mentioned earlier about the pressure of watching recorded shows on my DVR in order to clear it and record more shows. OK, I am making decisions about which to continue watching and what to watch from the new shows after I check them out, but they are stacking up. Because of this, I've been even more sedentary than usual, which is saying something. I had "good intentions" for the last four days but didn't follow through, thereby assuring my place in Hell where I will have fun company.

In an act of pure stupidity, I came upon a way to eat the buffalo chicken dip that I attempted once again to make (this time with less Tabasco sauce in it - didn't work - still too hot). I baked a potato and put it on that. I could eat it. Well, my mouth could but not my digestive system. I was up most of the night trying to get some relief. It lasted all day and got worse after lunch and a bland dinner. I was doomed.

What is so bad about this is that this is the day I had to get my labs done for my quarterly check-up. I get them done the day before my appointment. Because I've been eating irregularly and keeping musician hours and celebrating my birthday, my blood glucose readings have been too high. I got them back in a better range until last night. So all the factors that increase blood glucose readings came into play, and it's been too high all day. Those factors? Not getting enough sleep, not eating enough, eating wrong food, not having enough protein, not exercising, the usual. It's amazing how sleep affects us and how important it is to sleep the right amount - not too little and not too much.

Tomorrow I face the music with my internist. It will be like going to the principal's office after doing something wrong. Maybe I can distract him with the truth. I've done that before. Or I could use the ploy I learned from my son when he had some bad grades and made his case by looking penitent and explaining that nothing I could say to him would ever make him feel as bad as he already felt. It worked. I fell for it.

All I have to do is walk for 30 minutes a few times a week, they say. I should do that every day. How hard should that be? Then I'd lower my blood sugar, lose weight, feel better, and save the world from Somali pirates. I'm admitting this in an effort to shame myself into doing better. It might work. Tina got me a pedometer for my birthday (and her one, too) to inspire us to walk. Brian said our being on the buddy system is more like the drinking buddy system. He's right. We need to start traveling again because we both do better when we are on vacation. We walk so much, eat regularly and well, and therefore even sleep better. Ah yes, intentions. We've come full-circle, haven't we?

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Oxy said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles. I hate visiting the doctor at the best of times. They always ask a question which you know if you answer honestly, you will get slapped. They also know that the nano-second delay before answering means the opposite of what you will say. My doctor says that I should walk one hour three times a week. With the diesel fumes in this country (UK), I figure my lungs would give up after about 10 minutes!

Dan said...

First of all I love the picture.
Second of all Auntie Flame, GET OFF YOUR ASS AND WALK!!!

You have become too important to me with your wisdom, guidence and love to become one with the tv and sofa!

Dont make me come down there and get you! ;)

Good luck with the Doc.



David Dust said...

Dearest Auntie Flame -

As Dan said, that picture is hysterical.

I have been having my own weight drama. On Tuesday morning I weighed myself (after binge-eating for a few weeks), and I was heavier than I've ever been in my entire life. I felt so horrible.

I have to say, since then I've done an OK job about eating and even walking (I walked home 2 days this week). I am now down to what I used to consider HUGE. So depressing.

As far as the doctor goes, distract him with talk of golf and the sinking stock market. Doctors love that crap.

Feel better...


Your Loving Nephew,


Beth said...

Can I call you Auntie Flame too? ;)

yada yada...we should all walk 30 mins a day....who cares? I HATE exercise. esp. if it IS exercise. If it's something fun, like walking 200 miles around an amusement park or a flea market, I am there....but to actuall EXERCISE??? Oh gawd...the pressure, the pressure.

and ya, the picture? TOO CUTE!!!

Joy said...

Sure, Beth! I'm the right age to be your aunt, and it's a Dust Bunny thing anyway, isn't it? :-)

Well, things went better than I thought and worse, too. I just leveled with him and said I was worried. Then he said we'd come too far to slide back any. He was serious but didn't fuss. He doesn't have to. He said he noticed that I looked guilty when he asked me how I was.

So now I'm here with my low-carb cookbooks (yes, cookbooks, Doggy) and am making a grocery list. I go back to see my doctor in two weeks and will stick to this diet and walk every day until then. There should be progress AND some new habits formed! Tawanda!

Thank you, Dan, for what you said. That's so sweet. And thank you also David and Bethy for the support and encouragement.

Love you all! xoxoxoxo

ell said...

Oh, dear Joy. I wish we really did live closer. I'd come walk your 30 minutes a day with you! It's somewhat depressing that at our age we can't just cut out desserts and be ok. I remember in my college years when that would knock 5 pounds off easily (sigh).

Take care. (hugs)

Joy said...

I know! What I'll do is think about when you were in that boot camp keeping up with and surpassing 20-30 year olds, Ell! Walking is nothing compared to that. You'll be my inspiration. :-)

I wish we lived closer to each other, too. If this election turns out bad, I might be living there.

Debster said...

That pussy - its me. Currently in the grip of a major asthma attack, waiting to be able to breathe enough to lie down to sleep.

Joy said...

Poor Debster who is too excellent to be sick.