Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day One

I will try not to bore you with details of all this, but I'm starting on the South Beach Diet Phase One. I'll post my usual stuff but need to be accountable to someone. I just finished an omelet with spinach, artichokes, and feta cheese in it and really enjoyed it. Now I'm going to get ready to go to the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville with Tina. Report on that later!

My ship is setting sail! Phase One lasts two weeks, so sticking to that and walking every day will take me to my next appointment with my internist. He didn't fuss but scared me yesterday, which is much more effective. Besides, he's never had me come back in two weeks like this. He said if this keeps on, my blood sugar could get out of control, and we don't want me to have to take insulin. He said he considers himself a failure if one of his diabetic patients has to go on insulin. We can't have that. Dr. Ross is a nice guy and likes me. He's probably around my son's age, and we can talk about all kinds of things. He gets my Monty Python and Mel Brooks references and liked it when I said, "Oh no! The dreaded Krebs Cycle!" when he launched into why it was so important to walk to lower blood glucose and get lactic acid out of muscles. Help me here, Perky. Isn't that the one?

Now, let's all look at the pretty sunrise and feel inspired.

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David Dust said...

Good for you. Keep me posted on how you like the South Beach Diet - I have considered tying it myself.

Love You! Love your Diet!!!


Vicki said...

Good for you, Joy! I'm also cutting out the carbs. I started on Sunday and have already lost 8 pounds! It may be mostly water, but that's ok. That tells me how much inflammation I've had from eating so much sugar and bread. I feel so much better. I hadn't realized how much I'd gotten addicted to carbs again.

Just know you're not alone out there!

Perky Skeptic said...

*lol* It says something about me that I saw the photo and thought, "What a beautiful sunset!" Also, I LOVED memorizing the Krebs Cycle and oxidative phosphorylation, so CLEARLY we're on opposite sides of the fence on these issues! ;D

I'm so glad you're going to walk and watch your carbohydrate intake. I shall bounce at you encouragingly! Don't end up with neuropathy and eye problems!!! YOU WILL NEVER CATCH UP ON YOUR TIVO WITH EYE PROBLEMS!!!!

Joy said...

DD: I will. The first two weeks are restrictive but other food is added as it goes.

V: Way to go!! Great news!

PS: I thought it was a sunset, too, but I was looking for sunrise photos, and it was there. It still looks like a sunset, but then I've seen more of them than sunrises. I knew you would like the Krebs Cycle.

My eyes are fine. I just had them checked, and the opthalmologist said if I hadn't told him, he wouldn't know I was diabetic from my eyes. No glaucoma, either, but I do have ocular hypertension. My optic nerve is fine. Good for me on that. I do have a little neuropathy, though, in my toes, but so do Mother and Sally, who have never been diabetic. A few aunts did, too. It runs in that side of the family, I guess.

Bounce away!! It's part of your job description. :-)

Debster said...

Love the photo - have posted some sunrises on Flickr today ...

Joy said...

I'll rush over and see them.

Joy said...

I did. These sunrise photos are beautiful! You have some amazing shots on there!