Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More About DWTS

Here's an article about the judging last night with commentaries that isn't that long and is interesting if you want to read it. Then we can comment about that, too, if you want to.

Charlie wanted me to post the information about the dances. I copy and paste it from the DWTS website. I don't know all that about the dances, but I can do research and pass it on!

I thought there were too many scores that were the same last night and wonder about those judges sometimes! This season doesn't have anyone who excites me the way it has before. I agree with Charlie about Cloris and with Chris about scores and enjoyment. It's not as entertaining, is it?


Chris said...

I gotta tell you that I am not enjoying this season at all. I hope that the judging isn't falling into the voice of the producer's as opposed to the (professional) judges.

ell said...

Glad I'm not the only one feeling a bit ho-hum about this season.

No real favourites for me either. Although I like Warren Sapp, his routine this week wasn't great and his lovable teddy bear persona can only go so far. Brooke is a good dancer, but I don't get excited about her dancing.

I find Rocco to be the most likable guy, but he can't dance. He really tries, but cannot hear the music! He does the right steps, he just doesn't do them to the beat of the music. I think either he or Cloris will go home tonight.

I don't know about you, but I'm finding Toni's ongoing story about her heart condition to be off-putting. Not to sound cold-hearted, but really, her doctor never would have allowed her to participate in the first place if he thought it was dangerous. I'm afraid that she is the "disability du jour" for the season. Maybe the producers feel it's a necessary part of a winning formula (aka the Marlee Matlin/Heather Mills formula). What will it be next season? I shudder to think.

The rest of the dancers leave me pretty cold.

Joy said...

Once again, Ell, I agree with everything you said. Also since they all lose weight on this, have you noticed how skeletal Susan Lucci is now? (except of course for her boobs) Carrie Ann told her to gain some weight, so she probably does need to eat more while doing all this. I should have that problem!

Berry Blog said...

I thought I read in the credits that this show belongs to Nigel- the lisping Englishman?
And who is the little shouting screaming queen on the end? he annoys me no end. He couldn't judge a fart contest without jumping up and down and waving his arms. A real turn off.I went on to other things lasta night and didn't even wait for Cloris. She just chases around that stage like the spotlight were something tangible she could stuff in her bra and take home.