Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Voices!!! Please Stop the Voices!!

I can't stand McCain's and Sarah Palin's voices. Hers is shrill and grating and sounds like she's from Michigan. His is just creepy - too soft, smarmy, condescending, and manipulative. Makes my skin crawl.

The debate went much better than I thought it would. Sarah Palin was folksy, personable, confident, relaxed, and controlled. Joe Biden debated McCain and treated her as an equal, unlike the condescending way McCain talked down to Obama when he kept telling him he just didn't understand. It was too similar to the paternalistic way some white men talk to black men, women, and children. Overall, I thought Biden and Palin did well. He answered the questions much more than she did. It seemed that she had certain things she planned to say and stuck to those no matter what the question was.

Biden showed compassion, credibility, and intelligence. When he choked up talking about knowing how it was to be a single parent and taking care of children he wasn't sure would make it after that wreck, Sarah Palin never reacted at all. She glossed over that with her body language, facial expression, and words and just forged on with one of her points. That bothered me.

Both VP candidates will probably get points for their performance at the debate. What did you think about it?


Berry Blog said...

I missed it. I was "busy". I figure with the media pounding I'll see most of it today whether I want to or not. I like your take on Palin....I think she's a robot anyway.She's kind of a fashion statement for Lady bird and Mamie Eisenhower.I'll bet she does great with the Protestant communal grape juice at cocktail parties. oooh. What a big glass of Christ's blood with a wolf's paw for a swizzle stick.