Friday, October 17, 2008

Election Question

If John McCain is so proud of Sarah Palin as a running mate, why won't he let her talk to anyone except a carefully chosen group at those rallies? Joe the Six-term Senator Biden was on Good Morning America discussing the debate the next morning. Diane Sawyer announced after that interview that Gov. Palin was invited to appear on the show but the McCain campaign wouldn't allow her to. Any other vice-presidential candidate would have already been on the Sunday morning political shows by now as well as any talk show s/he could get on. Not so with her! They can't take a chance of her being off the script they have for her. If I were she, I'd be insulted and offended. Just saying.


Oxy said...

I have to suspect that McCain is smart enough to realize that the media will not give Palin a fair ride, nor any Rep for that matter. Probably Sawyer is the most balanced of them all, but ABC is still a bastion of Dem support.

Chris said...

Dear Oxy,
Or should I bemore formal and use your last name...

Dear. Moron,
Palin is an idiot! McCain is an idiot! Neither have a useful thought or idea in their skull.

Fair ride? I din't think Rush Limbaugh could give her the appearance of a fair ride because she is a freaking maniac with no signs of intellect anywhere.

Please do me a favor, go to sleep on November 3rd anddon't wake up until the 5th - that is, unless you come to your senses (giving you the benefit of the doubt that you have some) and vote for Obama.

Berry Blog said...

She's a phenomenon all right. but the number of supporting Republicans in my area are simply scary, and they buy into her image. I just can't understand that they don't see that she is a puppet, impressed with herself, and hs to change her tune everytine she speaks, has said what they want, and then has to eat crow and say something else. What the hell does that say about her personal integrity? Whatever happened to pink flamingoes on lawns anyway?

Joy said...

The only media people who aren't fair to Palin are on FOX where she gets do-overs and scripts to "explain what she really meant" and where Sean Hannity drools and doesn't interrupt her unlike every other guest he has on there.

Oxy said...

Oh dear, I seem to have upset Chris. But then again, isn't that the typical reaction of a Democrat - if you don't agree, you must be a moron.
At least Joy is willing to discuss the matter, and then show me the error of my ways!