Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stolen from David Dust

David had these on his blog, and now so do I!

This is worth watching. I'm a big fan of Donna Brazile's and really like what she says here in "Donna Brazile is not Going to the Back of the Bus." Bio here.

How condescending and smug he is! McCain didn't even shake hands with Obama after the debate but made some gesture toward Cindy, so Obama shook hands with her. Then the McCains left the building immediately after the debate, and the Obamas stayed around for over half an hour shaking hands, talking with people, and having their pictures made with the people in the auditorium. Did you also notice how patronizing McCain was when he said that guy had probably never heard of Fannie Mae before all this happened. They guy was black, so I guess McCain can tell him that he just doesn't understand things the same way he said it to Obama.

I don't want someone talking down to me. Based on McCain's behavior at the debates, speeches, and reports about how he talks to his wife, no way, no how, no McCain!


David Dust said...

You have excellent taste in bloggers!!

Love You! Love your Thievery!!!


Joy said...

Yes, I do!! xoxoxoxo

Berry Blog said...

naw..we call it "clipped" now.

We have a great little contest going up here between Sen Collins and Rep Allen...we all love them both actually but he wants to step up. Out of staters have entered the fray and messed up things for both of them saying things they both refute and claim they would not say themselves.

Chris said...

I agree! That McCain is a real classless bastard and a piece of crap.

Rushton said...

So, as your token conservative in your bloglist, I have to tell you...I've added you to my blogroll, but I'm not showing up as a subscriber on your page. My RSS apparently only operates as a lurking service. You can fill in one little square with my picture looking blank.
I was your first subscriber through Bloglines!

Joy said...

You're not the only conservative who reads and disagrees with me, Freda. A few of them even comment. Aled for one. This is my forum to vent, so I do it.

You show up on my Blog List. Did you try to add yourself to the Follow thingy and not show up? I'm not sure what's not working.

What is this Bloglines of which you speak?

Thanks for the comments!