Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Great News!!

My blood glucose reading this morning was 117! Yes!! I slept better last night than I have for a long time, too. I really wanted a mocha latte yesterday but resisted. It's working.

The most important part is to keep blood sugar within a safe range with no spikes and dips. Mine has been too high for months and months because of my irresponsible, slothful ways. Then it definitely peaked too high and stayed too high over all. I felt like crap.

The trouble with sweets is that once I start eating them, I crave more and more. If I quit eating them, after a while I lose my taste for them until I have some chocolate or other sweets again. So I have to be strong! Eventually, when I lose weight, am exercising regularly, and have good readings, I can have some if I'm careful. It's all about balance, as Jimbo said.

I've found that I do better following a plan between the diabetic meal plans and the low-carb ones. So based on comments from Rachel and the excellent Debster, I'm on the South Park Diet. How many jokes can we make out of that?


David Dust said...

Does the South Park diet allow you to eat chocolate salty balls?!?

Keep up the good work!


Chris said...

My mom was diabetic and I have such a fear as I have such a sweet tooth. I hope you stay well.

David - your comment is hysterical on so many levels I nearly had an accident. You're a riot!

Berry Blog said...

David does get to the issues in short order doesn't he? Too funny.
It's good news Joy. Keep it up-you know how cyclic we are with our convictions. if we can just break one!

Joy said...

David, you are a riot!! So funny!

Chris, do everything to avoid it. Exercise and do the 80% good and 20% bad with the eating. Diabetes sucks!

Thanks, Charlie! You are so right.

Debster said...

But don't do the Debster diet and mix your prescription meds and spend a jolly time in Casualty with a tongue the size of the Gobi Desert ... I do these things so you don't have to! Stick to chocolate - you know it makes sense.

Joy said...

Chocolate always makes sense! And thank you for making that sacrifice for the rest of us.