Friday, October 24, 2008

Better Day

Today has been better. I slept well last night and fell asleep with the sound of the rain on my roof. I like that. When I went to my doctor's appointment, I got an additional prescription for blood pressure meds because mine was higher than it was when I was there two weeks ago. I'll go back in two weeks to see how this works. I hadn't lost any weight which is discouraging, but my blood sugar has been lower for almost a week and a half. That's important, and I WILL lose weight.

My homebound student had a bunch of work she'd completed and took two quizzes. We're meeting again tomorrow and for several days in a row next week, so we can catch up. If she keeps on the way she did today, we'll make it.

I talked with my son today and feel better. He calls me on getting too far out on the ledge and knows me so well. I am so fortunate to have the family I do.

Thanks so much for the encouragement, support, and compliments! I appreciate all of you very much and am smiling now because of you! Thanks again!


Berry Blog said...

Joy I am convinced that high blood pressure has a powerful affect on mood and attitude and that different people have different tolerances. I am glad you are feeling a bit more chipper. What goes up must come down, eh? a new context.

frogponder said...

I caught that too. Knowing a couple working scientists I have mine own rants about the funding process. How are we going to keep our precious resource of scientists around if we keep them on the funding scramble? Some of the most important discoveries have come from odd and serendipitous forays far removed from the original study. If you keep everything tied to money and outcome you're going to miss that.

ell said...

Glad you had a better day. :)