Monday, October 6, 2008

Debate in Nashville

On the news tonight they covered the arrival of McCain in Nashville for the debate tomorrow night. That plane is HUGE! He probably has places to go and people to see since he's confident about the vote. I saw a woman on the news with a Sarah-Cuda pin on. No comment. Obama isn't supposed to get here until tomorrow.

Tom Brokaw talked to the local NBC news people about it, and they're covering it all day tomorrow, too. It will take place at Belmont University while the students are on break. It's sort of exciting to have this here. Unfortunately, Tennessee will go for McSame. I remember when the Solid South was Democratic. No more. What people forget is that it's fairly close and not overwhelmingly Republican. Too many of them vote against their own best interests because of a couple of issues instead of focusing on the economy, services, and other issues that affect them. It's frustrating. Others vote Republican because they probably should be.


Berry Blog said...

spose when nashville and other urban areas of Tenn. went for big business they switched parties? what appears to be the new majority may not be any more.Lots of development in the south these days. It ain't so backwoods anymore. I hear they have great English teachers too.

Joy said...

Actually, Lyndon Johnson was right when he said he'd lost the Democratic Party the South when he signed the Civil Rights Bill. As embarrassing as it is, that's how it got started. Then Karl Rove figured out how to appeal to the evangelicals with those buzz words, and that got those people. The people with lots of money and no social conscience are Republicans because they want to keep all their money and quite a bit of mine. Some of us Southerners are liberals and continue to vote for Democrats.