Saturday, October 25, 2008

The World Vote

Check out the world vote. I wish the whole world COULD vote! If you want to, it's at this site. I stole this from Ell's blog. If only those percentages would happen in this country!!


Anonymous said...

I don't see how anyone who cares anything for the country can in good conscience vote for either of these candidates.



Berry Blog said...

I am concerned about the motives of the rest of the world. this vote margin in favor of Obama might be for the wrong reasons. What can we tell from this?
My phone rings everyday for me to take surveys. I am asking every one of them who is behind the survey. How can I be sure of what they're using my data for?

Joy said...

I know and agree with you. Not that many people voted on here, and it was designed by which is biased in favor of liberals. It was just good for me to see those percentages since that won't happen here.

ell said...

Of course this poll is meaningless in the practical sense. I think it just gives those without a choice in the matter an opportunity to vent and express themselves. It's not easy sitting on the sidelines while one of the most powerful nations in the world (both economically and militarily) choose their next Commander-in-Chief.

There have been a number of these polls conducted by different organizations. The results have been similar. i.e. Obama winning by a large margin.

Motivations aside, perhaps it's a chance for the U.S. electorate to consider themselves, not only within the confines of their borders, but within the world context.