Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DWTS - Results

Well, Cloris sticks around another week and maybe more. We say good-bye to Toni and Alec. I just can't get that excited about any of them this season. It's like whatever for the most part. Yet I will continue to watch and recap.

Toni Braxton and Alec Mazo

When I was at the meeting yesterday, we were talking about lessons and activities for Brendan. Somehow during that part, I mentioned being addicted to DWTS and Project Runway. The special ed director laughed and said, "You and half the country!" Then she asked if Cloris were still on. I said she was. Then Brendan's teacher for his autism class whispered to me, "Korto was robbed!" I smiled and agreed with him. He was an Eagle Scout and seems like he'd be fun. We really like him and so does Brendan.


Berry Blog said...

Thumbnail sketches have nothing over this....but it was all the show deserved.
maybe it's that old self esteem thing, but I am always surprised when someone likes the same show I do.
Really sounds like you got a lot out of that meeting.wow. Way to handle Big Brother!

David Dust said...

Brandon's teacher remarked that Korto was robbed!??! This teacher wouldn't be GAY, would he?!?

I CERTAINLY hope we don't have any Homersexticals teaching our children!! That would be "un-American"...

Love You! Love Brandon's Teacher!!


frogponder said...

Oh, but you know my absolutely favoritest teacher ever was a gay gentleman. And considering it was waaay back in the seventies I was proud of all our parents. Our teacher took us to a nearby big city to see art films and to his home. He had a duck in a pond and I was entranced.

Joy said...

Oh, all three of us think he's definitely gay. The Korto remark cinched it! We really like him. He's a funny, chubby, intelligent guy and a good teacher.

I sort of wanted to tell him about your blog, DD, but didn't because one thing would lead to another and then to B&M's blogs. It was tempting though.