Sunday, October 12, 2008

Health News

I walked this morning before my low-carb breakfast and am getting ready to go to the lake and walk there soon. My reading was still too high this morning but was lower than yesterday by about 30 points. As the day went on, it was on track and doing well. I think I'll make it now!

I'm doing a combination of South Beach and Protein Power diets. They are similar, and I can do it.

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David Dust said...

I am proud of you. Keep up the great work!


Debster said...

Is the South Beach diet where you swear a lot and then kill Kenny?

Joy said...

Most Excellent Debster: That's the South Park Diet. You eat Kenny's portion.

Thanks, David!

Vicki said...

Visit There are lots of recipes as well as forums for all low carb plans. I found some things I'm gonna try this week. The challenge will be getting back to school and not eating in the cafeteria. Talk about a carbfest!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you can! Is that a takeoff on Obama or something? Joy, since I have not had a cigarette since the beginning of March, you can do this! LOL

Beth said...


and I think the South Park Diet sounds SOOOO much better, don't you? ;)

Tivo Mom said...

If you need to vent or bitch just let me know. The struggles with health and weight are a pain in the ass (my large one at that). South Beach (or South Park) is a good one and they even have slow cooker recipes for the low carb diets which I think help as well (busy day still eat right kind of thing). Good luck.

Joy said...

Thank you! Thank you! I'm motivated for sure!

Dan said...

Way to go Auntie Flame!!!


Tina said...

Okay, tell Brian that we can be more than drinking buddies! You're inspiring me. I've taken a walk each morning, and I'm really thinking about what I'm eating. (Yes, before I eat it!) I even (cringe) exercised today! We really can do this!

Jimbo said...

You CAN do it and you WILL DO IT! I know this. It's a balance, keeping your blood sugar in control with exercise and diet but it can be done. My mom, who will be 77 in December has been doing it for about 10 years. Lots of mini meals, low carb options and a walk of at least a mile a day are what help her.

Keep up the good work, "Dance" partner!


Joy said...

It's always about exercise, isn't it? Walk, walk, walk! OK!

Thanks for telling me about your mother. That is encouraging and makes me feel better. :-)


Berry Blog said...

How many days now? You seem to be sticking to it-bravo. I am following your lead. One of us surges ahead and the other follows. I think you have the right idea about at least doing something each day even if not a whole lot. The food part intrigues me.I eat well all day, then have huge dish of ice cream at night. Uh oh.
Perhaps you could force yourself to blog each day at least that much- what you did that day. It's a way of being accountable in a supportive environment.