Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Debate in Nashville

On the local news, reporters said that the Obamas are going to Al Gore's house for a fund-raiser after the debate. Harold Ford, Jr., was interviewed and said he'd attend. There was a debate-watching party at the Ryman Auditorium for undecided voters with entertainment before the debate. Looking at the crowds behind Chris Matthews in Nashville, there were many more Obama/Biden signs than McCain/Palin ones, but that might be because they were standing there to see Matthews. If Fox reporters were around, it would have been the other way around.

Even though the Harold Ford, Jr. and Bob Corker election was close, Tennessee will most likely go for the Republican candidates. I'd love for a miracle to happen and thought it might with Ford. He almost won. That was the dirtiest, most mud-slinging campaign from Corker I've seen in this state in ages. It was horrible. A Karl Rove operative advised him, and it was obvious. It was so bad that national news reported it. This was the best a black candidate has done in the state on a national level. He was a state senator, and we have several black state legislators.

It's been raining all day and still is, but the crowds were out for the debate. No one could get near the Belmont campus for several streets unless they had been cleared beforehand. I'm glad security is good, especially now that Caribou Barbie is recklessly stirring up her crowds with no regard to the nutcases out there who could follow through and do more than shout "terrorist" and "kill him" which their campaign should have addressed. How dangerous and irresponsible! This can't go on.

There's no point in my commenting on the debates because I'm not objective. I can't stand McCain and his creepy voice or Palin and how she is exactly like W. It's obvious to me that even her own party doesn't believe she is qualified to be VP, or they wouldn't prohibit her from being on the Sunday political shows or be interviewed by network reporters. Whenever she's been interviewed (by Charles Gibson and Katie Couric) or debated, she's gone running to Fox for do-overs and sympathetic, fawning treatment by them. She was annoyed because Katie Couric was unfair by asking her what newspapers she read and asking about Supreme Court decisions she didn't like. "Charlie" asked her about the Bush policy. So she got to give answers the strategists supplied her and have Sean Hannity drool all over her. In fact, the campaign isn't sending Palin anywhere except the most conservative areas to speak because they don't want to risk having someone ask her a question of substance. Yet, she still manages to put her high-heeled foot in her lipsticked mouth.

Now she's calling Obama a terrorist by association and could get him killed. There are some scary people out there. She needs to reel it in but would rather use her sarcastic, laughy voice to sling mud. She could have given Biden a break while he was at his mother-in-law's funeral and dealing with his son's deployment. Enough already!

Jon Stewart: Oh angry mob, is there any problem your wisdom and torches can't solve? (10/7/08)

I got my letter today telling me where to work during the election. It's my regular place where I'm a machine operator. It will be a long day. I can't put a bumper sticker on my car because it will be parked in the no-campaign zone, so I put it in my back window. I need to get a yard sign.

It was exciting to have the debate so close to home.


Berry Blog said...

it's clear where you stand all right. I just finished the debates...earlier than most of you because I fell asleep. Obviously they are going to do the same things but differently. They agree on all the issues and that the other voted wrong on them, and they only answer questions the way they want to..certainly not in the spirit they are asked.they both lie( mislead) by omission and they both quote figures liberally without naming sources. It's a carnival.

Joy said...

Everyone has known where I stand for a very long time. I'm a Yellow-dog Democrat and proud of it. Also, I've had that Obama campaign button on my blog for quite a while.

Have we been watching the same debates? They do not agree on all the issues. Where do you get that?

Berry Blog said...

They always seem to agree on what must be done, but not how to go about it.