Sunday, October 26, 2008

Check This Out

Look what I will get soon by answering Harris Poll questions! It's the Germ Guardian Plug-In Air Sanitizer! How about that? Check it out here. We redeem points we earn for free gifts.

I recently bought a large air purifier (Hunter PermaLife Air Purifier 30748) I haven't used yet, so this one can go in another room. This is the first time I'll have purifiers that have filters that have to be cleaned instead of replaced. I'm not sure how I'll like that but will see. Do any of you have that kind?

I don't mind answering most of the Harris Polls, but some of them ask about things I'm not that interested in. I wish they'd ask me about TV shows and movies and politics, but too often they ask about products and technology that I don't use. Anyway, I like to give my opinions on things, so that gets to happen occasionally, AND I get some neat gifts for doing it.

I've gone from politics to air purifiers. I see a connection. LOL Now I must go for a walk and take some photos of ugly ducks for you.


Berry Blog said...

Almost funny about the air cleaners- I'm the one who smokes.I've heard people swear by them though. My two new heaters have ionizers- what the hell is that? I'll tell you what it's a red light that comes on when I push the button. I don't feel, see, or hear anything different about it.
Glad you have the patience for those surveys.Have you ever gone through those emails like "Walmart has a $1000 gift certificate for you." Though free, there's no way to get them without buying a couple of items from someone.