Sunday, October 26, 2008

Walking with the Ducks

It gets easier every day to walk around the lake. It was a beautiful day, and I didn't get out there until around 4:30. Here's a picture of one of the ugly ducks I took with my cell phone camera. I took some with my camera but will have to work on those before I can post any of them.


David Dust said...

That's the cutest ugly duck I've ever seen!


frogponder said...

I know that duck! Called a Muscovy duck. My grandparents had a 'pet' Muscovy they fed at their condo.

Berry Blog said...

Now it's shame on me. You are doing very well walking. I am doing yardwork though and winterizing my windows. Got one all neatly plasticized yesterday and at the last second poked a screwdriver through it.

ell said...

That duck's not ugly, it's interesting! :-)

Great job with the walking.

Joy said...

That's right, FP! I couldn't remember what kind of duck that is.

OK, DD and Ell, interesting it is! :-)

I think that counts, Charlie.