Thursday, August 13, 2009


It's the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. I was 25 and didn't go for several reasons. First of all we didn't know it was going to be a big deal. I heard something about it, but there was no internet then, or there would have been more than 500,000 there. It was in New York, and I was in South Carolina almost nine months pregnant. As many of you know, the two things that bother me the most are being uncomfortable and inconvenienced. Both of those would have happened there big time! Besides, my husband was out in the Mediterranean or Atlantic somewhere on a submarine.

So what I did was read about it and then watch the movie when it came out. I was with them philosophically but very glad not physically. I could have probably handled the mud, rain, crowds, lack of facilities if I were not pregnant then but absolutely not that far along! I would have whined and complained, but that's how I roll. Somehow I manage to have friends anyway.
Good morning! What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000.
Wavy Gravy at Woodstock
Not only did Woodstock have incredible musicians, but it showed that half a million young people could get along with each other peacefully. And the music was amazing!

"Some attendees to the festival even reported that yelling FUCK was the highlight of the festival for them. This of course is mind boggling to me as I always wanted to be known as a sensitive poet not a person who taught a generation to yell an obscene word."

-Country Joe McDonald, 2004

A plaque has been placed at the original site, commemorating the festival. The field and the stage area remain preserved in their rural setting. On the field are the remnants of a neon flower and bass from the original concert.

In the middle of the field, there is a totem pole with wood carvings of Jimi Hendrix in the middle, Janis Joplin on top, and Jerry Garcia on the bottom.

A concert hall has been erected up the hill, and the fields of the old Yasgur farm are still visited by people of all generations.


frogponder said...

One of Eldest's OM coaches was at Woodstock. Eldest was gobsmacked when he found out.

Joy said...

Me, too! Wow! That's cool.

Berry Blog said...

Well, it's good that you didn't have to roll in the mud and pee in an open field to get show had the original poster couple) wrapped in blanket, hugging in the morning light)They look like us now...have a beautiful modest, middle class home. Even hippies get tired of trashy crash pads...heh heh. They look like they got a healthy dose of the American Pie

Linda said...

I was 16 and begged to go but it didn't happen. one of my friends went and you can see him on the album cover as one of the fools hanging from the towers in a thunder storm.