Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hockey Trivia

In hockey, a butterfly is a goal-tending style in which the goalie keeps his knees together and his feet slightly apart.

Instructions HERE on how to do it in case you're interested.

We have a hockey team in Nashville (the Predators). I've never attended a game but would like to. I've been to the arena for concerts and events. It's called the Sommet Center now but was the Nashville Arena and then Gaylord Entertainment Center. I have negative feelings toward Gaylord since they dismantled Opryland Theme Park when they sold it to become Opry Mills Mall. As Joni Mitchell sang, "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot." This got a derisive, resounding, "YES!" Sunday when Richard Sher asked if we were upset about Opryland becoming a mall. It definitely hurt tourism.

Gaylord also got rid of TNN (The Nashville Network) which was on cable and did so many other despicable things I can't mention on here. They still own the Opryland Hotel here and in Florida (Palms), Texas (Texan), and DC (National). My cousin worked for the bastards for about 20 years and really liked her job. She did training and traveled quite a bit and helped open some of the hotels, too. She doesn't read my blog.


Beth said...

If you get a chance to go to a hockey game, go! I had never been to one before, and I went to a Notre Dame game last season. OMG, it was a total blast! It's so fast-paced and so much fun. I don't know a lot about the rules, but it really is a fun game to go to!

Howard said...

Oddly, that is a fun fact I already knew. I am a hockey fan!

Berry Blog said...

I can't help thinking of how Tom Sawyer posed as girl and the lady threw an apple into their laps.He snapped his close knees shut to catch the apple whereas, she told him, a girl would spread her knees to catch the apple in her apron.
Wonder what a drag queen would do?

Berry Blog said...

Rodney Dangerfield said: I went to a fight last night and a hockey game broke out