Friday, August 21, 2009

Chris March

I emailed Chris March to let him know how good it was to see him on Project Runway last night and how thrilled I am that he's blogging about it this season. In some ways his personality and writing remind me of our David, recapper extraordinaire, whose recaps will be HERE in all their glory!

I also mentioned to Chris that I'm worried about him and noticed that others voiced the same concerns in the comments section of his blog. I got this email from him but can't find where he posted it. Anyway, I thought you might want to read it. If you know where it was posted, let me know. He must have copied it to those of us who sent emails.
Hi Everyone--I don't know if it's appropriate for me to comment here, but I would like to say a couple of things about the show:

First, thanks to everyone for your praise of my collection--it is very flattering and means a lot to me! The show had incredibly tough circumstances this time, and I was lucky to get anything done...

About the sleeping...a few things colluded to make me extremely sleepy during the filming.

1) I got approximately 3 hours of sleep a night, less the night before the runway.

2) The first day of filming, I got a bad case of food poisoning at lunch (which they conveniently edited out) that made me very weak and dehydrated.

3) I am diabetic, and on a new medication that makes me very, very sleepy. It just can't be helped.

4) Yes, I have sleep apnea, have been diagnosed and have a CPAP machine. Unfortunately, the other circumstances of participating in the show overwhelmed any sleep I actually got.

5) Then, to top it all off, I went home after the final interview and went to bed, and woke up the next morning with a terrible case of the flu (which I must have been catching during the last days of filming).

PLEASE know that I try to take care of myself (yes, I am painfully aware that I really need to lose weight) and go to the doctor every 3 months to monitor my diabetes. I have made great progress with it since being on Season 4 (I was then insulin dependent, and no longer need it).

Thanks again for all your lovely compliments, and you can visit or email me any time on my website at


Chris March


Sheena said...

Fall is my favorite season once it gets here! The change of seasons is really bad on my friend, Art, but once fall gets here, I love it!

Beth said...

you know what...this makes me love Chris all the more. he took the time to actually address everyone's concerns....that tells me he's not too big for his britches!!! Love him even more now, and he DOES remind me of My Tranny!!!

Mark in DE said...

Well, that all makes perfect sense. Thanks for filling us in, Joy.

Joy said...

Me, too, TBeth! Yes, it does, Mark.

Anonymous said...

It was posted in the comments section at TLo/Project Rungay. Love me some Chris March and his blog is quite funny!

Joy said...

Thanks, Polka! I wondered where it was. His blog is great, and I just love him, too!

Barbara said...

And he still accomplished all that?! He is amazing. Love him.