Saturday, August 15, 2009


I saw the Bebe Gloton doll on The View and am trying to decide how I feel about it. I'm an advocate of breastfeeding and think it's a good idea to let little girls know that's natural. There are many dolls with baby bottles. I had a Betsy Wetsy doll I fed a bottle of water and then squeezed to make her wet her diaper. What bothers me is the halter with breasts on it for the little girls to wear while they nurse the baby that makes loud sucking sounds. The baby also cries and burps. In some ways it's fine and in other ways sort of creepy. Does it go too far? Is it OK? What do you think?

Read about it HERE.

Watch a demonstration HERE if you want to.

I played with dolls and paper dolls all through my childhood for hours. This would be in the late 40's and 50's. In addition to the Betsy Wetsy, I had a Toni doll, baby dolls, Madame Alexander Cissy doll, a walking doll, Amosandra (a black baby doll who had a birth certificate and all kinds of accessories), and many of those miniature dolls from various countries. I loved them and still have many of them in their original outfits! They are not in pristine condition by any means because I played with them.

My Toni doll (1952) had that original dress. I have a story about mine and will put a picture of her on it.

Isn't Amosandra cute? I loved her smile! (1949)


Miss Ginger Grant said...

What's next... a doll that you feed chocolate jello pudding and brown poop comes out?
That thing is disgusting....
I get that motherhood and breastfeeding is a beautiful thing, but one of the things that's so beautiful about it is that is a special moment between a mother and her child. There's nothing special about that monstrosity!

frogponder said...

I have to agree and I was a La Leche League leader.

Little girls can mimic Mom the way they always have.

Sheena said...

I loved my Betsy Wetsy! She was my favorite of all my dolls, probably because she didn't have any hair, so I couldn't give her a haircut and mess up her hair as I did all the others! lol

Berry Blog said...

I think they grow up fast enough without the toy aids.Best thing about childhood was that same sex marriage was perfectly natural at 5-6. Lots of us were going to marry our very bestest friend when we grew up.
My stepmother said she knew I was gay bewcause I played with dolls when I was little. I have no recollection of playing with dolls but might have as the only two friends I had were female cousins. Whatt're you gonna do?