Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I got this from Mike's blog and copied. This is a pattern with me today. Even though I've lowered my standards, I'm not as bad as I thought. This study and those people on Hoarders, the TV show Tugboat told us about on his blog, make me feel clean. I never have been a neat freak and never will be. I live in my house but like to think I'm helping my immune system by not living in a sterile environment! (I told you I can rationalize anything!)

A new study by New York University found that:

THREE in FIVE people don't change their sheets every week. And ONE in TEN changes their sheets less than once a month.

ONE in TEN people let the dishes pile up in their sink for two to three days before washing them, while 4% of people wait a week before washing the dishes.

Only 7% of people always wash their produce, while 57% of people never do.

More than ONE in FIVE people only clean out their refrigerator once a year.

12% of people say they only clean their bathtub once every few months, while 2% of people say they never clean it.

And 4% of people only clean their toilet every few months, while 1% say they never clean it.

Meanwhile, 15% of people say they never throw away their pillow, which doesn't sound like such a big deal, but it is. Why?

Because after five years, 10% of your pillow's weight is made up of dust mites and dust mite droppings.

(AOL Health)


frogponder said...

ak! ak! ak!
I'm not great but I'm fairly good. And I love to declutter - it is the way I destress - during one of my anxiety attacks over my whole student teaching disaster I got rid of 12 BIG garbage bags of stuff, another time I had a $400+ garage sale of clutter.
Right now I'm going into a nine month stress episode over swine flu and my asthmatic children, husband and mother.
I'm starting to refinish bedroom furniture this week....

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Auntie Flame.. you remind me more and more of my late momma every day! She used to say- "I'm the only one who lives here, and it's my dirt, so I can't catch anything from it!"
Miss Ginger, on the other hand, gets Celiacized (tm) weekly! She even brushes the cats before she vaccuums so they won't shed on her clean floor!

Mariana Soffer said...

I think that is an indicator of 2 different things
1. Lonelyness, because when you live with somebody you care about you and also about the other of living in a cleaner place. You also can feel embarassed of being dirty in front of someone else. People usually try to be liked by othersm and in order for that to happen among other things they do try not to be dirty,
2.Depression, you do not care about your comfor or higiene, neither about your well being or getting out of bed, you do not have the strength to clean the stuff.

Sam said...

Wow. Yes a new episode of Hoarders came on last night, It is so fascinating to see these people holding on to "stuff". Next week features a older woman whose "stuff" has gone from inside the house to the yard. Can't wait for it to come on.
Everytime I've made major moves, usually it's a signal for me to get rid of everything but sentimetals. I've got ocd's when it comes to dirty bathrooms, and dirty hands.

Bob said...

That last one did it for me.
I'm off to "The Beyond" as in Bed Bath and to get new pillows or I shall never sleep again!

Wonder Man said...

that show is so interesting

Sheena said...

This is why I now have a housekeeper once every two weeks! lol

Marker said...

OMG I have to leave my apartment permanently.

That pillow stat may give me permanent insomnia.

Although . . . AOL Health?? Joy, have you looked at the "news" headlines on AOL lately? I question their competence and authority on any matter that is not Jon and Kate-related.

Joy said...

Good point, Marker! I copied this from Mike since I left AOL behind long ago. I'm really big into stealing things to put on my blog. Oh no, now I've expanded my pack rattiness to my cyber world!

Tugboat, did you see that gaggy food hoarder woman on there? I almost got sick just watching it and might never be able to again. That was not a good first episode to watch. I don't know how those people live like that.