Friday, August 21, 2009

Project Runway

It was so good to see Project Runway last night. Lifetime left a good thing alone, which is a smart thing to do. In fact, they added to it by having the model show afterward. I like that since the models are part of PR and this lets us get to know more about them. They also rerun the show many times the way Bravo did. My worries have been assuaged.

Korto should have won the All-Stars competition. Her designs were prettier than Daniel's. His black and white red carpet dress was awesome, but Korto was robbed again. I didn't like the sportswear Daniel designed but obviously the judges did. Sweet P is a contradiction in how she looks with all those tattoos and her pretty designs. I like her and Daniel, too, for that matter.

I love Chris March and liked his designs so much! He is a genius to get all his work done and sleep so much. I'm worried about that, too, and hope he has seen doctors about it. He might have narcolepsy or sleep apnea or some neurological condition that could be dangerous. They acted as if "that's just Chris" and shrugged or made jokes, but it could be serious. I hope not. Oh, and he will blog about the show all season!!! HERE it is!

There's no cure for Santino! Good grief, he got on my nerves! His impressions of Tim are funny, but he is like those students with ADHD who disrupted class so much we couldn't get anything done.

The new season has some interesting designers on it. Flaky Ari was really out there, and Douchey Mitchell probably won't be on there much longer. I thought Ra'mon should have won.

But Chris did.

It's too early to know much about the designtestants. This is so exciting to have PR back!


frogponder said...

Daughter not home this weekend so recorded it all and that means I get to watch it again!
It was good to see it and they kept the spirit of it despite the new network and new production company.
And Tim. Sigh...... has been such a long time, so nice to hear and see Tim again.

Mark in DE said...

It was great to see PRs6 last night! I think there is some real talent in the group so it should be a good season.

Ms. Moon said...

I agree! I have missed it.