Thursday, August 20, 2009

We're the Same Age

Billie Jean King holds the distinction of being the oldest woman to receive a singles seed at Wimbledon. She was 39 years, 209 days old when she got the No. 10 seed in 1983.

Oh, how I cheered when she beat Bobby Riggs!


MadeInScotland said...


I met B-J K a few years ago. I stood next to her on stage at the Albert Hall in London. I gushed and told her how she was my mother's favourite and I remembered watching her play Wimbledon when I was a child... tailing off when I realised it sounded like I was implying how old she was!

Ms. Moon said...

She put that little man in his PLACE.

Joy said...

Welcome MIS and thank you for the comment. I like to know things like that. What did she do? Smile, say something, thank you?

I watched every minute of it, Ms. Moon!

Sheria said...

I watched her beat Riggs and I recall how proud and excited I was! He was such an annoying, pompous little man.