Tuesday, August 18, 2009


My high school class has big reunions every five years, and we meet for lunch at Montgomery Bell State Park every year on the third Saturday in August. Sue does a great job sending reminders for this. We had our annual lunch Saturday with around 24 class members there, 38 total with spouses. I've been to all of them but one dinner one and one lunch meeting. Our class had 81 in our graduating class, and several have died. I'm not sure how many, but Sue, Jill, and maybe Ree and Gwen probably know. The first one to die was murdered near an Army base in North Carolina. Her murder was written about in one of those crime magazines. Do those even exist any more?

Since we went to school in a small town, we all knew each other. Our reunions are low-key with just a bit of reminiscence but mostly catching up on what happened since we saw each other last. Some of us met before lunch to work on plans for the next big one, and this will definitely be a biggie - 50 years in 2011. Yikes! How did this happen so fast? The months seem to go by like weeks!

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Several years ago we decided to have this annual lunch reunion which is a good idea. Do any of you go to your class reunions?


Bob said...

I don't attend my reunions.
I was not a fan of high school when I was there and certainly don't wish to relive it again.
I've remained friends with several people from high school and that, to me, is what counts.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I hated high school... everyone was mean to me and called me fag and sissy. Why the hell would I want to hang out with those people now?! Funny thing is... now they all want to be my friend on facebook! Fuck 'em!
I wonder if they know how painful their words were to someone whose adult life had not yet been formed?

Beth said...

I'm with Bob and Miss G. I've reconnected with a couple of people, and I would enjoy seeing them. The rest of them, not so much.

Mark in DE said...

Maybe its because I grew up in a metropolitan area, but I was never teased in school for being a "fag", "queer", or even a "sissy". Excelling in choir and drama helped me to have more friends than if I'd not participated in these activities, I'm sure.

I went to my 10 year and 20 year reunions. I also proudly brought Spouse along with me! I found that time is a great equalizer. The high school cliques disappeared, the socio-economic ranking disappeared, everyone was now mature and over that petty stuff. I was interested to see what had happened to my friends, and was genuinely surprised when folks told me they had hoped I would attend so they could see how I was doing!

Sam said...

In the words of the famous Madea. "Hell to the No" There are three ho's I still communicate with.
Just the thought of going back to school gives me the weebie jeebies.

gigi-hawaii said...

David and I have been to most of our reunions. We both graduated from the same high school although different years. We enjoy the food and drinks and meeting old classmates.