Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Contrary to what you might think based on recent activities, I do not like confrontation. It can make me physically sick to argue, debate, and get angry. This is the main reason I didn't go to law school even though I wouldn't have been a trial lawyer but would have gone into Constitutional law and worked for the ACLU, a judge, or taught law. Right now my stomach is upset and my blood pressure feels high and I feel like crying.

There are people who thrive on arguing and debating everything. I'm not one of them. Usually I speak out where and when I feel safe and to people who won't attack me or will like me anyway. It used to feel that way on my blog. Now not so much. This is where I want to rant, blow off steam, entertain, be Cliff and Bernice, teach, and babble. I should be able to do this on my own blog without so much drama. If you don't like what I write, don't read it. That's what I do.

Fortunately, I have a snuggly cat to pet when she's not being a blonde diva.


miss alaineus said...

hear hear!

it really disturbed me, what happened at your blog because to me it looked like a third party was using your blog as a soapbox.

so, just for kicks, i went and read the other party's blog(s) and came to the following conclusions:

1) i bet this person shops at walmart (which is the worst insult i can give a person)

2) i bet this person thinks mark sanford (yeah, that one) has good political ideas

3) i wasnt able to find any reference to this person's views on health care on their blogger blog, which saddens me because if i was that fired up about something it would most certainly be in my blog here, AND on my facebook, AND my myspace (they have this really neat function on a computer called cut and paste....)

i was glad to see you had some readers rally against the opposition. i hope this doesnt dishearten you from blogging, i love reading random facts and your blog makes me happy with all the trivia (mr. mischief and i often discuss it in fact)

ps. cloth diapers provide more of a sensation of being wet- the issue with disposables is the absorbency factor keeps kids who are training to feel wet, which is the signal to go as the begin to potty train. i cant believe a daycare would dictate to a parent about diapers- the two i worked at would support whatever one the parent chose to use.

anyways you rock!


Ms. Moon said...

Honey- Just write what your heart tells you to write. Like I said before- ignore the ignorant.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

What a cutie your kitty is! I'm not much for confrontation either... unless somebody REALLY pisses me off!

Bob said...

Joy Joy Joy, Cliffie Joy,
I LOVE your blog. You weren't my, er, first, you know, but I found you and keep coming back.
I had hoped that your health care post would have been the anti-town hall, that people could "see" the other side and still disagree, without the badmouthing to you or anyone else. That's why I made my statement and went and sat in the corner and sipped a margarita while y'all chatted.
Confrontation isn't fun.
Duscussion is.
Don't give it up!

Hugs to the kitty....and to you!

Dan said...

I am a debater! Surprise! I was on the debate team. We were taught to be able to look at both sides of the coin so we could argue our point better!

Its a gift :)

Furthermore, Auntie Flame - I will cut a bitch that upsets you! You do what you need to do and know I got your back.

Love that cat, even though I am highly alergic!

Sheena said...

It is really interesting that many times the person that knows the least about an issue is sometimes the one who argues and inserts false statements the most! Joy, even though I am not a blogger, I love to read your thoughts and the comments from those who are informed. I would suggest that you ignore the ones who are just commenting to get a rise or to feel important or to quote from FOX. One can disagree without trying to be confrontational; obviously not everyone who responds to your posts understands this.

frogponder said...

Put me in the anti-confrontation camp. I have a hard time tolerating it on TV news - which is why I have the clicker in hand a lot these days. I get my information from reading these days. Can no longer tolerate any more pundits yelling at each other.

David Dust said...

BTW - Dan is a "MASTERdebater" :)

Believe it or not, I don't like confrontation either - and I'm a little bit embarrassed that I let people who don't share my views bother me so much. In the end, I'm not going to change their minds and they're not going to change mine - so it just ends up being frustrating. Probably on BOTH sides.

Frankly,I've have similar "debates" on my blog before (although on a much smaller scale) and it actually upset me that my readers were "yelling" at each other.

I know you're not mad at me, but I apologize anyway for being so obnoxious. It's not like I managed to help anyone or change anyone's mind by being so "passionate" - so I probably should have just kept my mouth shut.


Sam said...
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Beth said...

For the most part, I think personal blogs are for voicing your own opinion. I don't really dig it if someone comes over and tells me that my opinion is wrong, and when that has happened, it results in similar confrontations. There are some blogs that I read that have differing opinions than mine, and I don't leave comments telling them why I think they're wrong. Personal blog, personal opinion...as you wrote, if you don't like it, don't read it. If you feel the need to voice your opinion, write about it on your OWN blog! So there.

Keep at it--this doesn't happen often, but when it does, isn't it good to know that your friends have your back? :)

Hugs, Beth

gigi-hawaii said...

What a beautiful cat! I love her color.

Yeah, I hate arguments. They always upset me, mentally as well as physically. Hey, it's your blog! If people don't like it, they don't have to read it.

Sam said...

My sweet sweet Joy. My Mom often told me growing up, that I would argue with the wall. I know what she meant now.
Anyho, If I ever need a ho to back me up on the intellectual level. Be sure I'm calling Miss Alaineus, or David Dust. Those Ho's can throw hot peanuts like nobody can.

Joy said...

Thank you. Seriously, thank you all very much! :-)

Brigit the blonde diva cat is here at my elbow and thanks you, too.

Mark in DE said...

First, your cat is GORGEOUS!

Second, I think I understand how you feel. I've felt that way before on Facebook. But then I remember that it is because we live here in America that we are ALLOWED to express our opinions, be they right, wrong, or idiotic.

Hang in there, dear.

Wonder Man said...

I like conflict and confrontation... I find it therapeutic

Joy said...

You can have mine, WM. :-)

Thank you, Mark. She is a pretty cat and knows it. LOL

Debster said...

You cant beat a snuggly kitty.

You can always just go and delete the post and comments. Ha!