Tuesday, July 21, 2009


When we were at the movie yesterday and sat down with our drinks and popcorn, Paige said it was hard to juggle all of that because she wasn't used to carrying her own since Carl took care of all that for her. I laughed and said for her not to complain to me about it! Later when we went to see Linda and told her about it, she said, "Boo Hoo!" Then we told her she'd been spoiled and needed to let Carl know how much she appreciates him.

So I've been thinking about this and how I've done things for myself so long that I'm not used to anyone doing them for me. When my son was here a few weekends ago and we were on the patio watching Brendan in the little pool, I told him I needed to go inside and get my water. He said he'd do it and did. I felt overly grateful and probably thanked him too enthusiastically. It felt good. I remember the first time he took the bag of groceries for me at the store to the car. He wasn't a teenager yet and just did it.

Kindness and generosity are gifts and so is appreciation. Let those in your lives who are there for you however you need them know how much it means to you. My high school senior English teacher used to say, "Give me my flowers while I'm living."

Here are some flowers for my blog friends who are there for support, encouragement, entertainment, laughs, tears, inspiration, and much more! Love you! Love your blogs!


David Dust said...

Awww ... thanks Auntie Flame!

And we love you right back!!!!!


frogponder said...

I can almost smell them!!

Anonymous said...

yes, I tend to take hubby for granted. Thanks for the reminder, Joy.

Bob said...

A big thanks right back atcha, Cliffie!

Sam said...

Joy, My day would not be complete without you. Everyday I look forward to coming here and seeing what my surrogate blog Mom is up to.

Howard said...

What a lovely thought process you have, my dear. I, too, have been taking care of myself for so long I am not sure I know how to accept assistance.

Jeff said...

Great sentiment in this post. And very true. My mother says the same thing about flowers: "Give them to me now, while I can appreciate them!" :) (And her favourite flowers are purple violets, as you have in the pic here, too!)

Making pesto without garlic - as I did on the weekend, since Brad can't eat garlic - is another way to say, "I love you." At least in my books it is. I LOVE garlic! :)

Jimbo said...

XOXO to you, Joy.

My nephew is the same way and was at a very young age. He didn't require constant reminders to say "please" and "thank you." He offers to help without being asked. He'll be 20 in September, I would like to hope that more kids his age are like that than not.

Ms. Moon said...

Like you, I am so grateful when someone does something for me that I don't even know what to do.
But purple pansies are always a good response.

Berry Blog said...

Truer words were never,,, I know just what you mean. when friends come to visit they are so good to me. I feel almost drowned in love.
It is more difficult to receive than to give, is it not? On another tact, how do we rob our friends of the opportunity to give?
Love the flowers, thanks much.
xoxoxo charlie

Jazzy said...

The flowers are lovely...and you know how much I love them! Thank you too and lots of love back at you. Linda