Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ms. Moon

Ms. Moon's post "Cuttin' Out the Middle Man" on her blog Bless Our Hearts is eloquent and precise about religion and her beliefs. They echo mine exactly as well as some of yours. It's a long post but worthwhile to read. I'm directing you to it instead of my blog today. If I could write that well, I could have written it except for the personal stuff from her childhood and later years. My childhood was idyllic (really), I didn't do drugs, and I went to the Methodist Church. The belief part is right on target though. We just got there through different experiences and the same thought processes.

Lest my nephews focus on one line, she totally believes in civil rights. Read what she writes about love.

If you read it and have a comment to share, let me know! :-)


frogponder said...

Went and did my homework, read the post. :-)
You know one of my taglines - 'organized religion always runs amok' - I'll blog about that today - how I got there.

Joy said...

I'm mulling something over to post about the eventually, too. I will definitely read yours.

Vicki said...

Thank you for posting this! Amazing writing! I'd like to be a little more confident about sharing my thoughts too. Not quite so easy where we live. And with what I do.

Joy said...

Same here since it's the same place and profession! I learned to side-step and deflect quite well.