Sunday, July 19, 2009


Bob is right - it is the Cathedral of NPR, not just a church. I also listen to the NPR on AM radio when opera and classical music come on. Yes, Ms. Moon, A Prairie Home Companion! Also I like Fresh Air, All Things Considered, The Splendid Table (which I think is hosted by Lynn Rosette O'Casper because that's the way I hear her name even though I know it's Lynn Rosetto Casper), Thistle & Shamrock, and sometimes Car Talk. Yes, I do contribute and have the t-shirts and mugs to prove it!


Mark in DE said...

Spouse listens to Diane Reem everyday at 10am at work.

Marker said...

After many years of NPR loyalty, I must say I became anti-NPR during the Bush administration.

Actually, it all started before Dubya and his handlers stole the 2000 election. I was driving to the airport very early one Monday morning for a business trip during that dreadful campaign, and the vaunted Cokie Roberts showed up amidst great fanfare to bestow her "analysis" upon us. Listening to her, I realized there was no analysis going on, only her venting her petty, ridiculous, catty complaints about Al Gore - all while ignoring what a dangerous moron Dubya was. It's been downhill ever since.

A pox on WBEZ for getting rid of its excellent overnight jazz programming in favor of the Voice of Kazakhstan feed or whatever that is they have now. I may start tuning in again in the morning if they ever can the awful Lisa Labuz, who despite years on the air, still cannot get through a sentence without a flub. Her faux perkiness is nauseating and she makes it impossible to listen to Morning Edition.

Sorry for all the bile, Joy - that's all for now. :)

Joy said...

Rant away, Marker! You are welcome here to do that anytime!