Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tangled Web Trivia

Scientists at NASA tested the effects of certain human drugs on a spider’s ability to spin webs. A spider on marijuana tried to make a web, but gave up when it was only half-done. Spiders on Benzedrine, or speed, spun webs quickly, but left huge holes in them, making odd patterns. Spiders on caffeine only spun some random threads, while those on sleeping pills never bothered to start making a web.


frogponder said...

ak! Drugged spiders! ak!
That is kind of interesting, though, once I get past !spiders!

Dan said...


Berry Blog said...

I just LOVE that new home page picture. Keep it for a while, wontcha?

Sam said...

Did any of them try to pick their Mom up from Work, while nodding off at the wheel?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone thought of giving a drug test to those NASA scientists? How do we know the spider got a full dose? LOL

Joy said...

Too funny, Dan and Sam!

Thanks, Charlie, I will keep it. This is near where I live, and I've stood on that bluff.

I know what you mean, FP.

Who are you, Anonymous? Good point!