Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And Yet Another Death

Robert McNamara died today. He was Defense Secretary during JFK's and LBJ's administrations and wrote a book in which he said the Vietnam War was a mistake. (We knew it at the time, just like we're right about this war that's been going on in Iraq for years!)

There was a documentary made about him titled The Fog of War, which I am glad I watched. He also was instrumental during the Cuban Missile Crisis, which is called "The Most Dangerous Two Weeks in History" in this article HERE. I was in college then and didn't completely understand what was happening but knew everything was very tense. Later on, we were told how close we came to nuclear war.

I can't believe all these deaths of well-known people so far this year!


frogponder said...

A girlfriend was a school child in WA DC at the time. She had to wear a wristband with the names of her closet relatives.

Ms. Moon said...

It was a horrible, scary time.

Rhea said...

It's an epidemic of deaths!

Berry Blog said...

and so many in the last few weeks.