Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life as I Know It

Things are getting back to abnormal. Brian feels better but will be off work the rest of the week. I took Brendan home this afternoon and visited with Brian and Melissa for a while. I'm so proud of their relationship with each other and with Brendan. They've been together 16 years (married 14) and are so in love and are best friends, too.

My mother has had shingles for over a month and doesn't feel much better. She's had two rounds of drugs and pain pills for it and now has begun those patches to help with the pain. Her 89th birthday was Sunday, and she's always been healthy and active. This has slowed her down and is the worst thing she's ever experienced. I hope this goes away soon and that she can enjoy her life again.

This is Easter in her back yard with Brendan.
Click to enlarge the photo.


Pseudonymph said...

Interesting, Joy, my husband had a similar bout with shingles last year, luckily mild in his, but the pain from the line of lesions was unbelievably strong! We found that using strangely enough a sports rub available here
worked - the capsacin in it dulls the nerve transmission which is causing the pain. It kept him off the strong painkillers, thankfully, as we still had to work, and we would recommend it to our customers in the pharmacy, but it's out of stock at the moment! A victim of it's own success, apparently.

Joy said...

Thanks. Do you know if we have anything similar? I'll google tomorrow and see what I can find since a quick search just had it there and the UK.

frogponder said...

I know our pharmacy carries some kind of rub that has the word capsacin in it. I'll look when I go up to the store this afternoon.

Glad son is doing good.

Joy said...

I'd like to get some for my back and knees, too. Jointastic works well, but I'd like to try that one, too.

Sam said...

you are so blessed to have your Mom around still. I've heard that shingles is so painful.